Chief Keef Confirms That He's Been Dropped From Interscope Records

About a week ago.

Chief Keef signed a pretty lucrative deal with Interscope Records back in 2012, that might've earned him about $6 million, but now his relationship with the label is officially over.

The Chicago rapper announced, via a series of tweets, that he was dropped from Interscope about a week ago. Although "I Don't Like" was a major breakout hit, it apparently didn't take him far enough.


He first shared a screenshot of a text message conversation with a friend -- who encouraged him to "get that indie money" after being dropped -- then he went on to explain that he wanted out when Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine left the label (in a very offensive way, of course).

"When Jimmy n Dre left that's when I said f--k Interscope! Big D--k style. that's what I signed up for not this new staff! Of WhiteHonkies!"

He also promised that none of his releases would be delayed.

"F--k that Everything that was Supposed to drop Still dropping 10days left for #BFTD2and Christmas #B3 SituationGang!" he wrote. "Laughing because to me I been Dropped. mfs ain't help me Pay no Mf Bills. Ain't sh-- gone stop Jus gets Better and bigger!"


In 2012, Kief broke the news of his deal to MTV News. Hit the video below.

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