The Avengers Become Redneck Hooligans In This Hilarious Bad Lip Reading

'Listen mang, I didn't step on your dang glow-sticks.'

Have you ever wondered what the Avengers would be like if, instead of an unstoppable team of superheroes, they were a spitting, wise-cracking, incestuous gang of rednecks?

If you can't rest until that fantasy's fulfilled, look no further than Bad Lip Reading's hilarious new release. The Youtube comedy group has worked their magic yet again with four minutes of clips from "Avengers" films, transforming our fave heroes into parody characters resembling Cletis, The Slack Jawed Yokel from "The Simpsons."

If you've ever wanted to see Iron Man burp in Pepper Potts' face, Thor yell about creepy emojis, or Loki and Black Widow argue over "little brother Sweeney's horse" and "chicken strips on the underside of the bread," then this sidesplitting video's for you.