Halsey Sings An Emotional Frank Ocean Number In New Tour Movie

From sitting on her floor attached to a charger to dancing onstage, Halsey shows it all

Halsey took to Twitter and released an absolutely riveting, damn near tearjerking, cover of Frank Ocean's "Solo." Here, her distant, dragging voice does the song justice — but where the tears come from is the accompanying tour movie that she released it with, showcasing the highlights of the experience. You really feel like you're there with her and the audience at the same time watching it.

Halsey took to Twitter Wednesday night (April 24) and shared the four-minute visual with a touching caption: "its moments like these i yearn for the comfortable chaos of the stage. i sang this song to myself in the dressing room everyday on the last tour and it still fills me with the feeling of home. i wanted to share it with you. see you soon."

The magnificent video shows so much more than beautiful stage footage and crowd reactions. It shows helicopter views of jaw-dropping city skylines and backstage smiles before and after the show. Halsey shows everything. She sits on the floor attached to a charger, reading through her phone, possibly bored. Another moment, she's twirling in a storm at a carnival, her tongue out, happy. And then the scene switches and we see a sea of candle lights under a darkening sky. It's beautiful, pristine scenery that her beautiful cover adds an emotional element too. It'll send sharp emotional daggers clawing at your chest.

Halsey recently appeared on BTS's new single "Boy With Love." She penned a blurb in appreciation of the K-pop band for their entry in the Time 100 Most Influential People list for 2019. Halsey's last album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, came out in 2017.

Take a look at the (almost) tear-jerking video up above.