Now You Can Have A Disney Fireworks Show On Your Wedding Cake

Eat it up.

Sure, we've seen Disneybounding and Disney-themed wedding, but this latest development in the world of Mouse House-centric weddings really takes the cake. Get ready, Disneyphiles, all of your cake-related dreams are about to come true.

At the Disney Fairytale Weddings Expo, a new style of Disney-centric cake decoration was debuted. Facebook user Michelle George Vazul posted videos of the amazing cakes, which at first appear to be simple white tiered creations. Soon, however, lights transform the dessert into a miniature version of the Happiest Place On Earth's signature fireworks show, thanks to projection mapping.

It's the relationship that makes the marriage, but it's the cake that makes the wedding. And for the Disney-obsessed, these cakes are certainly sweet.

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