Amy Schumer Encounters An Enormous D--k And A Nice Dude In 'Trainwreck' Red Band Trailer

Not on the same person.

Sometimes, you can have awesome friends, a sick apartment and an amazing job, but still encounter obstacles in life. For example, a regrettably enormous penis. This is one of the tribulations Amy (played by Amy Schumer) faces in the new red band trailer for "Trainwreck."

"Have you ever f--ked anyone before?" she asks a well-endowed potential hook-up. "Where are they buried?"

You know, typical modern chick.

In the latest offering from "Knocked Up" director Judd Apatow, Amy is just living her life, working at a men's magazine and occasionally wearing very sparkly items of clothing, until she meets Aaron (Bill Hader), a sports doctor, and things start to change.

Of course, any offering from Schumer, who will host the 2015 MTV Movie Awards April 12, and Apatow isn't going to be your typical rom-com fare. The huge d- might have already given that away.

Check out the red band trailer for the film, which will have a "work in progress" screening at next month's SXSW Film Festival in Austin next month, above.

"Trainwreck" pulls into theaters July 17.