Doughty Selling Acoustic Solo Album Online

Former Soul Coughing frontman M. Doughty has a brand new bag, and he's taken it online.

Doughty made his solo acoustic album, Skittish, available via his Web site,

The album, released online October 27, finds Doughty bringing a stripped-down sound to the new tracks, such as the raw and reflective "Peace in Los Angeles" and "All the Dirt," as well as a cover that marries Mary J. Blige's "Real Love" with the Feelies' "It's Only Life.

The frontman rolled out some new material on a solo acoustic tour that wrapped up in late October (see [article id="1434346"]"Ex-Soul Coughing Frontman Lines Up Solo Shows"[/article]).

While Doughty is selling the album himself online, he said he also is shopping for a new record label.

Soul Coughing called it quits in March after releasing three albums — 1994's Ruby Vroom, 1996's Irresistible Bliss and 1998's El Oso.

Doughty was heard earlier this year on "Never Gonna Come Back Down," a club hit that he co-wrote and recorded with BT.

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