Ex-'Idol' Singer Scott Savol Halts LP For Being Too Hip-Hop

'Scotty the Body' says he wants the disc to be contemporary R&B.

Whether he's hawking karaoke machines on QVC, sending fans tins of Hershey's kisses or singing the national anthem at pro sports game, former "Idol" contestant Scott Savol has been anything but idle.

This month the Ohio native and season-four finalist will return to the studio to complete the debut album he started last fall. Savol recorded nine songs in his home studio but put the project on hold because he didn't think the producers he was working with were getting the sound right.

"I figured out that, creatively, it wasn't what I wanted to put out," he explained. "I kind of had the feeling that what I was about to put out wasn't gonna be beneficial to me. It's just me not being the young, 17-year-old kid, you know? I didn't want to do a hip-hop/R&B thing. My thing is more the adult contemporary R&B, like Luther [Vandross]."

Savol said he hopes to be finished by June, and then he'll start shopping the LP to labels.

"Pretty much everybody [from 'Idol'] is in the same boat as I am, tryin' to get their project done," Savol said. "You know, 'cause unlike the first- and second-place contestants, pretty much everything is on us. ... We don't have the record labels doin' everything for us."

On the show, Savol had the unfortunate distinction of being the first singer to get the support of and in turn received flak for evading elimination as long as he did (see [article id="1500886"]"How Has Scott Savol Managed To Last So Long On 'Idol'?"[/article]). Simon Cowell called him Houdini for his knack for escaping trouble. It was also revealed during the season that Savol had once been arrested for domestic violence against his infant son's mother (see [article id="1499399"]" 'Idol' Finalist Scott Savol's Past Domestic Violence Rap Surfaces"[/article]).

Savol says he's put all that behind him.

"I have nothing but positive thoughts and ideas," he said. "I read so many articles where people are puttin' me down. A lot of people don't think that I should have been on that show that long last year, but you know, the plain fact is I was. I had one of the best voices on that show last year."

Along with continuing to sing, Savol, whom Ryan Seacrest nicknamed "Scotty the Body," is getting married in July. "I'm just livin' my life like I did before," he said.

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