This Is Dope: Snoop Dogg Will Be Appearing On 'Mary + Jane'

Series stars Scout Durwood and Jessica Rothe tease the upcoming season finale

Snoop Dogg loves mary (+) jane, so it's only fitting that the rapper would make a guest appearance on MTV's weed-centered series of the same name. And he's doing it just as the inaugural season -- which features fun-loving pals/cannabis business owners Paige (Jessica Rothe) and Jordan (Scout Durwood) -- comes to a highlarious end.

"You're going to see some old friends, you're going to see some new friends, you might see some Snoop Dogg," Rothe teases to MTV News about the music icon, who is also an executive producer on the program. "There might be musical numbers, there might be Christmas references. The sky is the limit."

In addition, Durwood states that the last installment is a "potpourri of everything" viewers have watched throughout the previous nine episodes.

"We have a very razzle-dazzle finale -- it's a heartfelt parable for the plight of human existence and what it is to exist in our commercialized society while still trying to be true to your roots," she explains with a laugh. We're here for it -- and Snoop as well.

Be sure to catch the season finale of Mary + Jane with Snoop Dogg this Monday at 10/9c (watch a sneak peek below) -- and share your favorite Paige and Jordan moments in the comments.