Something Tells Us These Hilarious Young Thug Passport Pics Aren't Legal

Thugger's pics might not meet some important requirements.

Young Thug recently asked fans to choose between two hilarious passport pictures on Instagram, though we’re pretty sure neither one would actually qualify.

Still, we thought it’d be worth taking a look at both shots to see which one his fans selected.

First, there’s this shot of him wearing an Atlanta Hawks hat.

Then there’s this one, taken without the hat.

In case you’re wondering, the hat shot got about 2,000 more likes at press time. It also received about 50 more comments.

But it doesn’t look like any of those pics will be allowed to end up on Thugger’s passport. According to Travel.State.Gov, a passport subject should be "directly facing [the] camera with a neutral expression.” We’re pretty sure Thugger’s expressions don’t meet that requirement.

That winning pic also won’t make the cut because…well, he’s wearing a hat. "No hats, uniforms, or head coverings may be worn, except for religious purposes,” the government site says.

Obscene gestures are also a given no-no, but beyond that, no obstructions are allowed and the full head should be seen from the "top of the head to the bottom of the chin." Those middle fingers probably really change things up, here.

Sorry, Thugger. We’re sure you’ll get the right shot soon. Third time’s the charm.

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