New Video: Travis, 'Moving'

Watch Travis' "Moving" video.

Watch Travis animate a winter night with the power of breathing in their "Moving" video.

"Moving" seems like the right title for the new single from Travis, the Britpop band that's back after a five-year absence. (Hope they got caught up on "Game of Thrones.") The group -- known for melancholy yet never maudlin classics such as "Why Does It Always Rain On Me" and "Sing" -- seem to be taking a new direction on their comeback set, with the latest track a swift, streamlined pop-rock effort. Still in the mix, of course: singer Fran Healy's golden melodies, pouring through like sun through dark clouds.

Watch Travis' "Moving" video after the jump.

The band takes advantage of the weather in their "Moving" video, which captures the band beanie'd out in a Scottish winter, their breath gray and foggy in the night air. But those deep breathes take on a surprising life of their own, becoming the canvas for a projector's images as Healy and his bandmates face each other and sing. The results: footage of an unstoppable stick-figure man running and flying against breath-fog obstacles as the band members share what must've been an intimate, freezing, CGI-free few hours on the set. Travis: animation troopers! The band's Where You Stand is due Aug. 19. Warm up with the video below.

+ Watch Travis' "Moving" video.

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