Kevin Gates And Young Thug Are Beefing, But Did Gates Really Call Thugger Gay?

Looks like Thugger heard Gates wrong.

Young Thug and Kevin Gates are two of hip-hop's most exciting new artists and while fans have proven to love them both, it looks like they don't have very much love for each other at the moment.

On Tuesday, Gates posted an Instagram video where he sent a subliminal message directed at Thugger. The By Any Means rapper appeared to be bothered that YT didn't pick up his phone when he called. "N---a don't pickup the phone when Gates call? Damn, what a n---a told you something about me?" Gates questions in the video which has since been deleted, but captured by hip-hop blog site

Some sites are reporting that Gates called Thug "gay" in the video, but the staff here at MTV News didn't hear the word "gay," instead it sounds as if Gates is referring to himself in the third person with his syrupy New Orleans accent.

Regardless of what KG said, Thug responded and addressed the swirling rumors around his sexuality, all while referencing Gate's "#IDGT (I Don't Get Tired)" single.

"Hey man, I don't get tired of these children sayin' 'Gay,' I don't get tired of f---in' these bitches, drinkin' this motherf--kin' Act," he said. "The only thing I get tired of is a p---y n---a slick dissin' and you know who I'm talkin' about."

Thug then ended his rebuttal by urging Kevin Gates to "pull up," challenging him to physical confrontation.

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