Britney Speaks: 'Thank God For Victoria's Secret's New Underwear!'

Singer posted long-overdue update on Web site Thursday morning.

After baring her all to the paparazzi, Britney Spears is baring her soul to fans.

In a long overdue update following a spate of revealing photos that captured the singer in all her glory in late November, Spears finally ditched the growling tiger on her Web site and posted a message to fans at 1:18 a.m. ET Thursday (December 7). She explained her recent controversial behavior that involved being photographed on multiple occasions without wearing anything underneath her miniskirts (see [article id="1547072"]"Panty-Free Britney, Quick-Divorce Pam: Why Do Stars Make Bad Choices?"[/article]).

"Every move I make at this point has been magnified more than I expected," she wrote on her Web site, "and I probably did take my newfound freedom a little too far."

Spears was seen partying into the wee hours of the night on multiple occasions with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Brandon Davis -- which raised eyebrows, as she is in the middle of a custody battle with soon-to-be ex-husband Kevin Federline (see [article id="1545162"]"Britney Spears Files For Divorce -- It's Official"[/article]). Spears' antics helped make her the most popular Yahoo! search term for the fifth time in six years, with Hilton not too far behind.

In her defense, Spears said she's just trying to have a little fun since having two babies in two years and bailing out of a bad marriage (see [article id="1545307"]"Britney & Kevin Timeline: Those Were The Days ..."[/article]).

"It's been so long since I've been out on the town with friends," she wrote in the post. "It's also been two years since I've even celebrated my birthday." Spears turned 25 on Saturday.

Spears pledged that, from now on, any news interest in her will be, well, more newsworthy, as she's going to concentrate on a real comeback: making music (see [article id="1546890"]"12 Ways For Britney To Get Her Groove Back"[/article] and [article id="1541093"]"Britney's New Music Is 'The Next Level,' Producer Says"[/article]).

"I'm looking forward to a new year, new music and a new me," she wrote. "I'm just getting started." And that "new me" will definitely have panties back in her wardrobe: "Thank God for Victoria's Secret's new underwear line!"

There's no word yet on whether Victoria's Secret has supplied Spears with any undies.

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