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What Is Shia LaBeouf Doing In A Cabin In Finland?

And what does this have to do with his anti-Trump live-stream project?

Now that his anti-Trump live-stream project has relocated to the U.K., Shia LaBeouf and his collaborators are heading across the Atlantic as well — but they're landing farther north. Way, way farther north, actually.

LaBeouf, Nastja Rönkkö, and Luke Turner have mounted another project, and this one focuses on communication and solitude thanks to some far-flung locales. “#ALONETOGETHER” involves Kiasma, the museum of contemporary art in Helsinki, Finland, and three cabins located in the remote, icy stretches of Lapland.

The "virtual link" established by “#ALONETOGETHER” connects a log cabin in the museum to the cabins LaBeouf, Rönkkö, and Turner are isolating themselves in for the next month. There's no communication beyond that established between the artists and the visitors to the museum's log cabin, and they can't even directly reach out to each other, so the only contact they have outside of their own respective homes-away-from-home are the texts they receive from strangers in Helsinki. (Based on the live stream and the steady update of texts between the museum visitors and the artists, it's tough to tell who's texting who, as “#ALONETOGETHER” doesn't indicate who's sending the messages, and any line could be coming from LaBeouf, Rönkkö, or Turner.)

"Alone together" couldn't be a more aptly titled project, really.