'Hostel' Exclusive Clip: Sneak A Peek At The Twisted Thriller

Horror film boasts a blowtorch attack, torture chamber, missing limbs ... and nudity.

"It's going to affect the audience," 27-year-old actor Jay Hernandez ("Crazy/Beautiful") promised, flashing a devilish grin while discussing "Hostel," the nauseatingly graphic thriller that splatters its way into theaters January 6. "Young people go to [movies] to be affected ... and this really puts fear in people. If you want to take a date, this is something that will make the girl hang onto you."

(Click for an exclusive clip from "Hostel.")

Hernandez may soon be looking for someone to cling to himself if he gets back onto this roller coaster of a slasher flick from the twisted minds of writer/director Eli Roth ("Cabin Fever") and producer Quentin Tarantino. The film begins with a setup that could lure any college-age moviegoer in: While backpacking across Europe, three friends take a break from their studies to fulfill their hedonistic desires. After hearing about an off-the-map youth hostel with particularly wild nightlife, they head to Slovakia -- but lurking behind all the bonding, beer and breasts is an evil secret.

As the film takes one violent twist after another, advance audiences are already asking themselves, "How did this thing get an R rating?" Before long, limbs are missing, students are being hunted and Hernandez is attempting to escape from an underground torture chamber alongside a woman who has had half her face burned off by a blowtorch.

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"That was a cool scene," he said of the exclusive clip, one of the few from the movie that you can actually watch while eating. "We're running through the halls, we're trying to get away from the bad guys, we're ducking behind corners. I've got this hand that I've got to deal with, it's bleeding and it's a huge source of pain for me. Yet I go in there, and I've just tried to save this girl who has been tortured. I felt like it was some kind of a 'Bourne Identity' scene or something like that. I jump in the car, and there's a car chase, I'm trying to get away. It was actually really fun to shoot, really fun to work on that scene."

If this clip from "Hostel" gives you an adrenaline rush, well, you ain't seen nothing yet. "There's a nice little payoff at the end of the car chase," Hernandez giggled. "There are three things you want to see in a horror film: violence, characters you care about, and naked women. And they're all in 'Hostel.' "