There Are Christmas Ornaments For Beards Now

Whether you yourself have a beard or know someone with one, chances are you're looking for a way to dress it up this holiday season, right? While the spring saw its fair share of flower beards, winter is all about beard baubles. Yeah, you read that right—baubles (as in, ornaments) for beards.

Beard Ornament

Beard Bauble

The festive ornaments, cleverly named Beard Baubles, come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Beard Bauble

See? From a small red ball to an even smaller gold ball, these ornament packs have all your beard needs to stand out at your office holiday party. They appear to be attached by bobby pins, which means you pin 'em in, and go to town talking to everyone about how well-decorated your facial hair is.

Beard Bauble

In addition to being the most original accessory of 2014, the proceeds from the ornament sets are donated to, which seeks to raise awareness about melanoma. So you can have a blinged out beard AND do good? We'll take it.

Due to high demand—obviously!—the ornaments are sold out, but they should be back in stock by December 11 (tomorrow!). You can find 'em here and, um, if you decorate your beard, PLEASE share it with us.

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