Watch Kids Call B.S. on 'Caddyshack' Candy Bar Pool Prank

Nothing'll clear out a public pool faster than a floating turd, that's for sure. But as these video kiddos ably demonstrate, that fateful doodie bit in "Caddyshack" must have involved a little Hollywood trickery 'cause that's one stunt that stinks to try at home. Sorry, poop pranksters!

You know the scene, right? A bar of that peanut-and-caramel nougat goodness that is Baby Ruth gets accidentally flung into the water at a crowded pool, and upon sighting — and the subsequent little girl squeals — the whole place erupts with so much panic you'd think a Sharknado shark attack was underway.


It was pretty funny, especially at the end there when Bill Murray as the clean-up guy realizes it's a piece of candy and takes himself a bite. So, naturally some people have tried to pull this bit on their own little ones just for s**ts and giggles, but it hasn't quite worked out for them because number one, that particular brand of candy bars does not float as the film suggests, and number two ... well, we just thought there should be a number two there all things considered.

The "Mythbusters" team stayed home on this dirty urban legend 'cause these children flushed this one right on down the proverbial toilet. And while they might've gotten the science a bit confused — blaming the brown treat's weight rather than density for its sinker status — they were still able to call foul on this chocolate log being dubbed a floater on the big screen all by themselves. Also: Kids are cute, guys. Handle it.

Smoke and mirrors, people. Smoke and mirrors.

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