Flying Solo: Harrison Ford Has 'Gigantic' Role In New 'Star Wars'

Han Solo is all set for a very big comeback.

With the cast of "Star Wars: Episode VII" more or less set in stone, it's only a matter of time before we hear official word that the franchise's original big three players -- Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford -- are all back in the mix.

Hamill and Fisher's involvement in the new "Star Wars" comes as no surprise, but over the years, Ford's relationship with the galaxy far, far away has been … icy, to put it in Hoth terms. And yet, not only is Ford back in the "Star Wars" mix, it's also rumored that he's involved in a "gigantic" way.

That's how Deadline phrases it; in their rundown on the possible "Star Wars" castmembers, they mention that Ford has "a gigantic role" in "Episode VII." That's a pretty big left turn for the once and future pilot of the Millennium Falcon, the same guy who has barely been able to put the words "Star" and "Wars" in the same sentence without stifling a scoff.

So, what changed? What reason does Ford have to not only participate in the new "Star Wars" film, but to have a "gigantic" role in the movie? The answer is probably very big and very green, and we're not talking about this guy:

Business reasons aside, what's happening creatively? Is Ford finally getting his wish -- an epic, fatal farewell for the galaxy's greatest smuggler?

Another question worth pondering: Are Hamill and Fisher's roles as "gigantic" as Ford's? As Luke and Leia, both Hamill and Fisher are just as important to the franchise as Ford's Han, if not even more important. Is Deadline simply emphasizing Ford's enhanced role because it's unexpected, or is it because Hamill and Fisher aren't quite as involved?

These are the questions that will keep us up at night until "Episode VII" officially arrives on December 18, 2015.

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