Which 'Gilmore Girls' Boyfriend Was The Best? Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino Sounds Off

We're tired of debating it, so we went straight to the source.

"Gilmore Girls" fans can agree on most things: Luke and Lorelai were endgame, season seven was a mess and Emily Gilmore had the sickest burns this side of Hicksville. That being said, there is a topic that will stir up a heated debate among even the fairweather-est of fans: Rory's boyfriends.

The issue of which Gilmore guy in Rory’s life was her OTP still reigns large, eight years after the series finale. So, when MTV News caught up with creator Amy Sherman-Palladino yesterday (June 5) at ATX Television Festival, we had to get to the bottom of this friendship-breaking conundrum.

"I have no allegiance to her love interests," Sherman-Palladino said, breaking our hearts. "I think you grow, and you need the right boyfriend at the right time. I think Dean was the perfect first boyfriend. He was great! I had a great first boyfriend, so I felt very strongly that I wanted her to have that experience."

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Dean And Rory

Okay, fair point. Dean did build Rory a car. But no one is arguing the fact that kind, simple Dean was the perfect first boyfriend for Rory. Yet that’s just it -- he was a great first boyfriend. Rory wanted a life outside of Stars Hollow. Enter Jess: smart, witty and "misunderstood."

Jess kept up with Rory in a way Dean never could. He loved to read and talk about books, he was a writer, he understood all of Rory's references -- by all means, they seemed like OTP material. But he was also a terrible boyfriend who wasn't emotionally available. Rory couldn't "fix" Jess; Jess had to fix himself. (He eventually did, thank God.)

As Sherman-Palladino pointed out, "You grow up, and you push your wings out and you figure out what you are."

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Jess and Rory

"The person who's in your life at that moment -- you'll learn from it, you'll grow from it, you'll say 'Never again' or 'Ugh, I shouldn't have let that go,'" she said. "I think she had the right boys for the right times."

So there's a reason Rory met Logan -- the most underrated of Rory's boos, tbh -- during her college years. For all the hate Logan gets (we get it, he was disgustingly rich and arrogant), he was also charming and handsome and made Rory's life significantly easier. You know, when they weren't stealing boats.

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Logan and Rory

That being said, what did AS-P think of Logan? She found him quite "endearing," actually. (Haters, to the left.) "I love Matt Czuchry so much as a person," she said. "He's such an angel. I liked Logan a lot."

In the end, Sherman-Palladino did pick a side: "I'm Team Rory." Alright, fine. Let the debate rage on.

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