No New Frank Ocean Album Is Making The Internet Laugh, Cry, And Meme

‘If this album ass, bitch, I will never get in another ocean again’

“July 2016” used to be two shiny, hopeful words for Frank Ocean fans before he delayed the release of his forthcoming album once again. Those who have been eagerly anticipating Boys Don’t Cry, the follow-up to 2012’s Channel Orange, found themselves playing the waiting game once more when the calendar flipped to August and the artist had yet to deliver an album. After Ocean blew his own deadline, the New York Times declared that Boys Don’t Cry would, in fact, see its release on August 5, and a mysterious video of Ocean building something in what appeared to be an Apple-sanctioned workspace seemed to indicate that the moment we’ve been waiting for would arrive imminently.


It’s August 6, Boys Don’t Cry is nowhere to be found, and based on the way people are freaking out on social media, this weekend feels less like two chill days full of brunch and casual Olympics viewing and more like 48 hours of anguish thanks to this Frank Ocean–induced Emotional Riptide of Despair. Fans are taking to their social media accounts to meme through their sadness, rage, and confusion, and they’re gonna do it until they get Boys Don’t Cry, damn it.

To be fair, he has been building something/constructing a set piece or whatever in his Calvins, too.

Before the weekend kicked off, Jay Versace had some choice words for Frank, namely “I WILL NEVER GET IN AN OCEAN AGAIN”

Too soon? Nah.

Don’t worry, Frank: If you haven’t come up with the tracklist yet, your fans got you.

And you were there! And you were there! And ... Frank wasn’t, probably.

Frank Ocean is everyone’s Uncle Tommy at Thanksgiving.


The most major key of all is sadness.

And finally: