Chris Cornell On Playing Soundgarden Songs At Solo Gigs

Chris Cornell is in the last few days of a fall tour to support his solo album, "Euphoria Morning," and the former Soundgarden frontman has been delighting audiences by unearthing a few of the band's musical nuggets.

Recent shows have seen Cornell performing a pair of Soundgarden songs, "Like Suicide" and "Fell On Black Days," both of which he wrote for the group's 1994 "Superunknown" album.

Prior to the tour's launch, Cornell talked to the MTV Radio Network about his approach to playing Soundgarden material on the solo tour stint.

[article id="1442018"] "There seems to be a lot of expectations from everywhere that [playing Soundgarden songs] was going to be something I would be totally comfortable doing,"[/article] Cornell said, [article id="1442018"] "coming out and playing 'Black Hole Sun' or 'Pretty Noose' or something."[/article]

[article id="1442018"] "There is no way I would want to [just] try and reproduce

something,"[/article] he added, [article id="1442018"] "because it's not possible, and I wouldn't want to do that anyway, just out of respect for the band and the fans and the fact that it's such a different thing." [RealAudio][/article]

Cornell is scheduled to wrap up his tour on December 7 at the Union Hall in Phoenix.

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