Suddenly Single: How Did The 'Challenge' Veterans React To The 'War Of The Worlds' Twist?

One competitor was bummed -- others, not so much

Cara, Hunter, Nany, Paulie and Wes have only known this Challenge season with a rookie by their side -- but now, the war will be fought individually, and an eventual sole victor will emerge.


"There's no more teams -- it's every man for themselves," TJ dropped to the Veterans and Prospects during tonight's brand-new episode. So how did some take the news? While Wes "wasn't that happy" since he and Dee were "working so well together," Paulie was "filled with joy."


"I had a feeling that everybody was targeting our team, because they wanted us out because we were strong," the Big Brother vet recently revealed to MTV News. "Now, as an individual, all of those boys who were too scared to take a shot at my face, now they have to come at me individually. I really don't think that there is one male competitor that wants to see me on the Killing Floor."

Meanwhile, his girlfriend felt conflicted about not having the Love Island export by her side.

"I loved having Theo as a partner, but he was incredibly tied in to the U.K. alliance," Cara explained. "I wasn't fond of Bear, wasn't fond of Ash. Being independent and getting to play our own game really changed everything. So it was a good thing and a bad thing."

And even though Nany described Turbo as an "awesome partner," she was ready for this new competitive development.

"I feel like I perform better when I am an individual," the Real World alum stated. "For example, Free Agents. I was on my own, and that was the best season I could have ever been on. And I made it to a final. When you...have the stress of another partner and letting someone down all the time, that kind of weighs on you and it weighs on me."

Lastly, Hunter was "upset" that he and Georgia were dismantled -- and it brought back memories of his last Challenge experience.

"I really wanted to win it with a partner who actually cared about me," he asserted, while referring to what unfolded at the Final Reckoning finish line.

What do you think of the singles format -- and who are you rooting for as this war goes in a different direction? Who has the advantage -- and who might be in danger? Sound off in the comments, and keep watching War of the Worlds on Wednesdays at 9/8c.