Throwback Thursday: Watch Britney Spears Gush About Her 'Sexpot' Crush In 2003

MTV News digs up 2003 'TRL' appearance where Spears confesses to stalking an actor.

The year was 2003 and long before Britney Spears reinvented herself as Britney Jean, the pop icon was worshiping at the altar of Brad Pitt.

In honor of Throwback Thursday, MTV News dug deep into our archives to unearth some footage of Britney during one of her many, many appearances on "Total Request Live. " And, during this particular episode, Spears owned up to crushing hard on the actor, who was in his pre-Angelina Jolie days and deep into his marriage to America's best friend, Jen Aniston.

"OK, so I am a complete goober-ru for him," she told "TRL" host Damien Fahey, with supermodel and fellow Pitt-o-phile Tyra Banks by her side. And, as it turned out, Spears didn't just crush on the "Oceans 11" actor from afar, but she made some real fan girl efforts to meet the Hollywood hottie.

"I have a confession to make. I was in my car and I have a navigational system and I had star maps," she dished. "And I shouldn't be admitting this, but I wanted to go to his house and just see what it was like one day in L.A."

While she never revealed if she actually made it to his abode, she did have some kind words for the stud. "I think he's just sexpot. I mean, hello!"

Hey, girl, we hear you loud and clear.

And, if you want some more confessions from Spears, you might want to pick up her new album, Britney Jean, out now. Spears recently told MTV News that she was willing to let fans into her world on this latest release. "I feel like I have more to say now, I'm older and I'm open to experiment with the album and work with different people and collaborate, " she said. "And I just think the creative process is more indulgent, it's more fun."