Mr Hudson On Working With Jay-Z: 'I'm Pinching Myself'

'To be honest, it just does not sink in,' the British singer says of being signed by Kanye West and collaborating with Jay-Z.

When [article id="1599990"]Kanye West anointed English singer/songwriter Mr Hudson[/article] as an undeniable, across-the-board talent and compared him to the likes of Sting, Jim Morrison, Tina Turner and Michael Jackson, [article id="1610206"]Hudson joked that he was annoyed by the pressure of the compliment[/article]. And when MTV News caught up with both artists on the set of Hudson's video for "Supernova," even West admitted that he put too much pressure on his artist.

"On one hand, if you sign with an established person you get the extra limelight, the shine -- but then you also have the pressure. And then you deal with all the baggage," 'Ye explained.

And when West informed Hudson that he would be featured on three songs on [article id="1603222"]Jay-Z's Blueprint 3[/article] during the interview, Hudson was shocked.

"Am I?" Hudson asked.

"Yeah, well, you have, like, a few," West replied. "The song 'Forever Young' is incredible, and I want you to do a few more. I want you to do the chorus for 'She's Like That All the Time.' Just outright do the chorus."

Hudson worked with West last summer on a variety of projects including 808s & Heartbreak, but he said the icing on the cake was the fact he appears to have impressed Jay-Z.

"I hope Jay ... Jay-Z still likes it. I call him Jay like I've met him more than twice, but we flipped [Bob Dylan's] 'Forever Young.' ... But to be on a Jay-Z album and a Kanye West album in six months ... I'm pinching myself. To be honest, it just does not sink in."

Hudson's recent success is the culmination of a lot of hard work. Despite being ignored in London for years, he kept working.

While it seems like it happened overnight, Hudson assures us that isn't the case. "[People think] 'He got invited to Hawaii and now he's on these records.' I used to sing for my supper in a pizza restaurant in SoHo. I got 50 quid, a bottle of wine or two and a pizza. I learned my chops, so that's why I have the confidence now to go onstage in front of 50,000 people and do what I do, because I've been waiting long enough."

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