The 'Halloween' Franchise Is Returning, And John Carpenter’s Actually Excited For This One

The Master of Horror reveals who will be writing and directing the reboot

Hold on to your butcher knives and painted William Shatner masks, because Halloween is coming back for more grisly scares.

Series creator John Carpenter announced on Facebook Thursday (February 9) that his iconic franchise is returning to a theater near you next year. "You want to shake things up and bring back Halloween and make it rock again?" Carpenter asked in the statement. "Well so do I."

It's no secret Carpenter wasn't a fan of Rob Zombie's 2007 Halloween remake, calling Zombie "that piece of shit" after Zombie allegedly lied about Carpenter being "cold to him" when announcing he was remaking the film. But now, it's a new era.

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Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

Carpenter said director David Gordon Green and actor Danny McBride, who worked together on comedies Pineapple Express and Your Highness, will create the new chapter in Michael Myers's life together. They're co-writing the script, with Green directing, but don't worry: Carpenter will still be involved with the project as both an executive producer and consultant. There's a chance he'll even do the music, just like he did for the original film.

"David and Danny both came to my office recently with [producer] Jason Blum and shared their vision for the new movie and ... WOW. They get it," Carpenter teased. "I think you're gonna dig it. They blew me away." Details are being kept under wraps, but Carpenter shared that the film will premiere October 19, 2018. Cue the creepy music.

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