These Are The Biggest Drama Kings In 'Are You The One?' History

In honor of Devin, we're looking back at the show's biggest pot-stirrers.

Devin rode a roller coaster of emotions on this week's "Are You The One?": First, the Massachusetts native was distraught to find that Kiki wasn't his perfect match. Later, he was even more visibly taken aback when Austin selected the gorgeous Virginia gal during the matchup ceremony.

But he quickly regained his composure -- and a whole lotta attitude. When host Ryan Devlin asked if he is indeed capable of putting his feelings for Kiki on hold in order to win the game, Devin used it as an opportunity to take the other cast members down a notch.


"I could 100 percent figure this out," he said with a nonchalant shrug. "I'm going to play this game the way I want to play this game. I’m very smart. I know a lot, and not many people here know a lot.”

Wow. Bold statement, dude.

Let the record state that Dev's smarty-pants mentality was contradicted earlier during the episode when he said, "The thing about the Truth Booth is that it's a liar. It's the dumbest booth in American history." Because there are so many notable booths in American history, Devin?

The New England guy was promptly booed and criticized by his housemates, seeing as his 'tude could definitely jeopardize the group’s chances at a million dollars (well, make that $750,00 now). It makes us wonder -- despite his calm facade, could Devin be the biggest drama king in "AYTO" history? Let's weigh in on a few other controversial suspects:

Layton, Season 2

Layton nearly popped a blood vessel in his neck while verbally attacking Anthony; both had hooked up with Jenni. But the spat wasn’t the only Season 2 upset caused by Layton: The Mississippi native later took a gamble during the season finale when he chose 11th girl Christina over his surefire match Tyler. It all worked out in the end, but not without some huffing and puffing from the other casties.

Adam, Season 1

When Brittany just wouldn’t leave Adam alone, he basically exploded, going on an expletive-laced rant which did nobody any good in their quest for a million big ones. Especially when Adam later sought solace in the arms of Amber, who was definitely not his match.

Dario, Season 2


D’s feelings for Ashley came to a head when he exchanged some feisty words with Layton, calling him “a sleazy car salesman.” Yikes.

Brandon, Season 2


When Brandon found out that 11th girl Christina wasn’t his perfect match, he frequently whined about his lost love on the show, continued to hook up with her and nearly sabotaged the cast’s chance at riches. He later ruined any shot at a romance with C post-show when she found out he slept with Alex.

Tell us: Who do you think takes the "Are You The One?" drama king cake? Comment with your thoughts, and be sure to catch an all-new episode Wednesday at 10/9c!

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