'Scream Queens': Guess Who Just Admitted To Murder?

Another killer joins the list.

Another "killer" has emerged, but is it the other still-living Red Devil? Hard to tell.

Turns out, Pete (Diego Boneta)'s closeted costume might be more than just a mascot throwback because in this week's episode -- which aired on Tuesday (Dec. 1) -- he revealed that the reason he couldn't make whoopie with a totally-ready-not-ready-OK-ready Grace (Skyler Samuels) is because he doesn't want her first time to be with a murderer.

So much WTF. Let's take it from the top.

So, Chanel got shot.


Chanel got shot

One of Chanel (Emma Roberts)'s favorite annual traditions is to hit Black Friday sales -- not because she wants to join everyone else in the holiday rush for "cheap garbage they can't afford and don't need," but because she likes to buy her best frenemies the least expensive and most offensive thing she can find just to show she doesn't care. Oh, and she also likes to parade her early entry status in front of all the ravenous would-be customers waiting outside at wee hours.

So, when she spends all day at the mall and finds out that her friends have cobbled together $13,000 to buy her a Chanel purse -- even though "Uncle Karl" can get them for her for free, her heart grows a few sizes and she decides to get the girls matching pink Jeeps because she can afford to do it, so why not?!

But then the mall goes on night-end lockdown just as the girls are heading for the door and onto the dealership (convenient), and there's a red devil at the ready with a crossbow. While everyone else takes the open exit, Chanel decides to step up as President of KKT and face her faceless foe. Brave as it is, though, she takes one to the chest almost instantly.

Snaps to her, though, for maintaining her mean streak through the pain and shouting diminutive ditties like "oh, go on and shoot me, hag. It’ll make me young and skinny forever and you’ll still be old" and "finish me off, you shriveled old crow."

Chief Denise is on the case.


Chanel Shrug

Somehow C survives the first shot, though, and lasts long enough for Detective-turned-Chief Denise (Niecy Nash) to arrive and rather ineptly save the day. See, the entire police department's been shredded because the mayor blew all of their budget on ghost-hunters -- still convinced by the short-lived return of Boone, no doubt -- and that's how Denise got promoted to the gig.

Too bad her mouth was the only thing working overtime because the red devil managed to kill her deputy and scramble away while she rambled on about her extreme competence for the new job. Yeah.

Chanel + Grace = Angry Pete.


Chanels agree

Chanel and Grace discovered some common ground between them this week as they realized that they both now think Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) is the red devil killer and that the only way to end the sorority slaughtering season is to cut it off at the source.

So, they decide to team up and drop some poison in a little apple cider -- her favorite drink, their quick social media review revealed -- and have a sit-down with her under the guise of starting a feminist instruction series with her at the helm. She's all too happy to school these girls on the F-word, of course, and she doesn't hesitate to down the puffer fish poison-filled glass as she does so.

But it's a no-go on the murder plot. She's still alive and well.

Pete says he's happy with the murder-free outcome of the day because he likes his girl pure and free of red hands. In his view, he can kinda sympathize with the Red Devil killer sometimes because s/he's just basically clearing out the "waste and filth" around campus right now -- including the near-completely emptied out Dickey Dollar Scholars frat house, which he totally rejected an invitation to, BTW. Sorry, Chad.

Also, Grace and Wes had "The Talk." Awkward.


Grace adn Wes

Wes Gardener (Oliver Hudson) probably won't be nominated for any Father of the Year awards, like, ever, but for some reason Grace still always comes to him in her hour of parental need -- even when it means she has to indulge him on the value of his playlist selections first.

Surprisingly enough, he has some actual words of wisdom when it comes to the horizontal mambo, though, because he answers her concerns about the budding nature of her romance with Pete by saying, "If you don’t think you’re ready, you probably aren’t. And if you aren’t, then no good can come from doing it anyway."

He's not one to talk or anything because, ya know, he apparently fathered twins with one of KKT's kraziest back in the day, but he was kinda on point with that little bit of Life 411.

Dean Crunch?


Scream Queens 1x10

After hearing her boyf's arguments against becoming a murderer -- and now you're thinking, who TF is he to talk?! -- Grace backs out of the Kill Dean Munsch Club. But Chanel, who has nothing to do now that school is closed, decides to soldier on with the help of her other sisters. Even Zayday (Keke Palmer) is down now.

But things don't go as planned when Chanel takes the Dean to the cryotherapy spa and seals her in at -200 degrees for a half hour. Somehow, she survives the sesh and comes out feeling better than ever.

Is she ... immortal? Is Dean Munsch the Hag of Shady Lane? She's something alright.

Chanel's third and final assassination attempt falls short also, BTW, because the other girls are too busy bickering about size tags on undergarments to pick up her spiffy new smartphones and head to the campus pool to drown the Dean, Rasputin-style. Womppp.

Pete drops the M-bomb.

Even though her daddio had some sage advice about not making haste into a boy's bedsheets, Grace decides it's time to make it happen with Pete once and for all because at least she'll always know she did it with a "great guy" her first time.

But that's when Pete, who'd just been on the phone with someone talking about "not taking this any further" and "yes, I feel guilty" while he opened his Red Devil suit-filled closet ... well, Pete decides to fill Grace in on a little secret. He doesn't want to go all the way with her because, he says, "I don't want your first time to be with a murderer." Um, WHAT.

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