A$AP Rocky Is Using A$AP Yams' Notes To Record 'Cozy Tapes' Just The Way He Wanted It

Yams' notebook is guiding Rocky.

A$AP Rocky is getting ready to tour in support of his sophomore album, A.L.L.A., but he has another project on the way as well.

Rocky told MTV News that he's hard at work -- right now -- finishing up the Cozy Tapes, which A$AP Yams started to record before he died.

"Cozy Tapes is the next album that I'm 'bout to drop -- it's Yams' album that he was working on before he died," Rocky explained.

"I was mostly working on my album A.L.L.A. while he was curating and organizing who he wanted for the [Cozy Tapes], so he put it all in his notebook that I carry around with me every day. I've got all of his thoughts and I just plan to execute what he started."

And, of course, this is very personal for Rocky. "I've gotta make [Yams] proud, his mom, my mom, my dad, Ferg's dad proud," he said.

The Harlem rapper also spoke to us about his "Everyday" video, which shows a very ugly side of fame. "If you think about A$AP Yams, the way he died, if you think about Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, they all fall victim to at drugs, surgery, superstardom," he explained. "This is a 'beyond scared straight program' for me. This is what will happen if you were to go down that line."

Earlier this year, Rocky told MTV News that he and Yams were out in London last summer working and hanging out before he relapsed. Yams died in January, at the age of 26, from an accidental drug overdose, which Rocky addresses in the interview below.

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