15 Burning Questions 'Orphan Black' Needs to Answer in Season 3

We MUST know more about the clonespiracy.

Sure, Tatiana Maslany was majorly snubbed (AGAIN!) at this year's Emmy nominations, but good news arrived on the Clone Club's doorstep when it was announced that "Orphan Black" will have a third season. Silver lining, eh, folks?

So while a bunch of crotchety old Emmy voters continue to miss out on one of the best shows on television, the rest of us can rest assured knowing that the BBC America series will return for another season of clonesanity and maybe — just MAYBE — that will be the season that finally forces the Television Academy's hand and gives Maslany one of their damn statues already.

To prepare for that momentous occasion, we've written up some questions we're d-y-i-n-g for the series to answer. So without further ado...

1. Is Rachel alive?

We're fairly certain that she survived the eye-gouging, but there's always a chance she didn't! (Who knows how deep into her skull that pencil really went, right?) We're going to need to know right upfront if the corporate clone is going to be around for the season.

2. Will Cosima live?

This one, in our oh-so-humble opinion, should have been answered in the finale because goddamnit it's been on our minds all season! How much longer do we have to suffer the worry of whether or not McSmartyPants The Clone will live or die? It's not fair, you guys, to drag this one on. Get her well and do it N-O-W.

3. ...And what secrets are held within Ethan Duncan's science notes?

Will Cosima be able to crack the code? Duncan told us in the finale that his cipher is good and tricky business — but will the clone club be able to figure it out? And if they're no longer "in" at the DYAD, will they have the resources to engineer what they need from it?

4. Where's Helena?

All we saw at the end of the finale was poor, pregnant Helena being shipped off to god-knows-where in some terrifyingly (and comically) large aircraft. What's the deal? Where's she going? And why is the government being so crazy-overprotective of her? Do they know she's dangerous?

5. How much does Mark know?

And while we're on the subject of dangerous clones — of what sort of information is Mark aware? Does he know he's a clone? Does he know how many are out there? And what does he know of the sestras? Each question, when it comes to Mark, begets another question so we could really go on and on here. But for now we just want to know: how much do you really know, Mark?

6. What's wrong with Charlotte's leg?

When we were first introduced to Charlotte, we couldn't help but notice the brace on her leg. What happened? Or...does her injury — as we suspect — have something to do with her clonelihood? And is that something that Kira and her super-genetics could fix? Which brings us to our next question...

7. Is Kira special? (Really?)

We've seen her survive some terrible stuff (that car accident, for one), and she's a tougher, braver, smarter, more intelligent cookie than most adults — let alone children. Some fans even theorized that she, by simply touching Cosima's cheek, brought her back to life. Now we're less than sure that could even be a thing (and feels far too off-the-rails sci-fi for this show), buuuuuut we do think there's something special about her, genetically speaking. But what is it?

8. How did Marian Bowles get involved? (And can we trust her?)

We're going to need more information on Marian Bowles and her Topside ties, specifically. As she's working for a large, shadow-y corporation/multi-national conglomerate, her allegiances are dubious at best. She sure does seem to want to know more about Leda — she was, after all, the mole that was trailing Cal online — but is it for the right reasons?

And while we're at it, what, exactly, do she and Topside want out of the clone project? And does she truly have the clones' best interests at heart? We got some basic information from Marian Bowles at the end of the season as to what Topside is and does, but it all sounded so canned we know there must be more to it than all that.

9. How much does the government know about Project Leda?

As was learned in the finale, the government handed off control of Leda while it kept its hands tightly wrapped around Castor (because, y'know, male babies are way more important to them and OK OK fine we won't fall down the feminist rabbit hole). But were they looped in on the goings-on or kept strictly out of it for security purposes?

10. And what have they done with Project Castor?

We're fairly certain all of this has to do with creating super-soldiers for wars (because doesn't it always go back to war?), but if that's the case: do the male clones have different abilities and/or genetic abnormalities than the clones? Are they, too, sterile on purpose (or by accident)? Just how many of the male clones are out there? And were they handled the same way the female clones were?

11. Will we ever see Delphine again?

After that finale we're not sure if they're just getting Delphine out of the way. She was a bit of a distraction at times, and if the DYAD is effectively out of the picture in terms of clone control, does her role in all of this even matter beyond her love for Delphine? Or will sending her to Frankfurt allow Delphine to do some extra-digging on the experiment and benefit them all?

12. Where is Tony?

Surely the introduction of Tony was not the first and last time we'll see this particular clone. There's just no way. You don't just throw a trans* clone into the equation willy-nilly. So we have to ask: where is Tony? Where did that bus take him and will he be safe wherever he is? Does the DYAD (or Topside or anyone else for that matter) know he exists? Besides Art, we mean. Which! Speaking of Art...

13. Will Art and Ang Crack the Clone Code?

They're both on the hunt for answers — though we believe Ang's reasoning is far more dubious than Art's — will they get them? And if they do, what sort of trouble will that land them in? And is Art safe? Also WHY in the heck is Ang so insistent? What's in it for her if she figures all of this out?

14. Who's side is Mrs. S really on? (For real this time.)

She's clearly on Kira's side, but she's not so loyal when it comes to Sarah. She essentially said as much when she handed over her twin sister Helena to the government. We know she's known all along what the deal is with Sarah, but why? And how? And whats in it for her, all of this?

15. ...And for that matter, what about Paul?

Paul! Goddamnit Paul! What is your deal?!

What did you need to find out in "Orphan Black" season three?

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