14 K-pop Songs That Will Keep You Motivated This Virgo Season

Harness your earth energy to the sounds of GOT7, 3Racha, Red Velvet, Amber Liu, and more

By Tássia Assis

Leo season was a blast, but after all the fire and feast, it’s now time to welcome the much gentler grounds of Virgo. On August 23, the Sun moves into this sign’s orderly and resourceful domain, urging us to organize our lives, efficiently sort through debris, and generally become the best versions of ourselves.

Virgos are known to be practical, modest, hardworking, and are often called the “perfectionists” of the Zodiac. While that can be both their finest quality and their worst flaw, it stems from Virgo’s inherent need to make the world a better place. While their detail-oriented minds can be perceived as overly critical and nagging, at the core they are genuinely trying to help — and there are few things Virgo loves more than to be helpful. Observant and careful, they give outstanding advice and make sure everything runs smoothly around them. It may come with some picky remarks here and there, but remember that if they push you, it’s only because they push themselves a hundred times more.

The weeks ahead offer plenty of opportunities to optimize our lives, but it’s also important to save some time to recharge from all the relentless labor this sign inspires. And to help you on that, here is a carefully crafted K-pop playlist.

(Lyrics via Color Coded Lyrics and Genius)

GaIn, “Paradise Lost”

First of all, it’s necessary to debunk the myth that Virgos are all prim and proper just because they are represented by a virgin maiden. As Brown Eyed Girls’ youngest member GaIn can attest, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Virgos like her often give virginity a new meaning: being authentic to themselves, “untouched” by the external world. She’s an indomitable force in K-pop, boldly striding with concepts that defy the industry’s pristine facade. In her single “Paradise Lost,” inspired by John Milton’s epic poem of the same name, GaIn subverts the meaning of the fall of man from the Garden of Eden. Taking the role of both Eve and the snake, she slithers and swirls in an enticing fantasy, suggesting that paradise might just be within herself. Organ sounds and breathy ad-libs amp up the track’s sensual atmosphere, wrapping up in a delightful, metaphorical climax. By acting as an agent of her life instead of a submissive tool, GaIn reflects Virgo’s sacred ethics and makes for a perfect introduction to the sign.

Biggest mood: “They’re talking about a fantasy / They’re making up another fantasy / They’re talking about a fantasy / They’re making up a story / So that they can control you and me.”

Day6, “Time of Our Life”

There is a lot of earth energy in Day6: Sungjin is a Capricorn, Wonpil is a Taurus, and Dowoon and Jae are the band’s illustrious Virgos. That gives us a clue on how they manage to constantly churn out quality work, as reliable and steady as earth signs are. “Time of Our Life,” their latest release, veers towards an uplifting, pop-rock sound that is new to the group, showing off their growth and mastery. It’s a track about preparation; about being ready to start a new page and knowing that it will eventually become a cherished memory in The Book of Us. If there’s a sign who knows how to prepare for things, that’s Virgo. You can count on their attentive minds and endless checklists for comfort and flow. Plus, the music video’s minimalist aesthetic holds elegant references to the group’s previous eras with color blocks and light effects, revealing Virgo-levels of attention to detail.

Biggest mood: “Honestly, even to me / This moment right now / Feels like a dream because I’m with you / For this day / I prepared many things.”

Orange Caramel, “My Copycat”

A music video inspired by Where’s Waldo? and spot-the-difference games seems tailor-made for the meticulous Virgo mind. In fact, a native of this sign can probably solve all the puzzles in “My Copycat” before anyone, all while keeping score of cameos by Seventeen and Pristin members, holding an inventory of Raina, Nana, and Lizzy’s cute outfits, and memorizing the choreography for later. The track’s contagious, brassy hooks are as addictive as the entertaining music video, making this one of Orange Caramel’s most inspired releases.

Biggest mood: “Do it like me, like me / Try to move my heart / Play games with my heart tonight / The night is almost over / Do it like me, like me.”

GOT7, “Just Right”

GOT7 has a whole Virgo lineup with Jinyoung, Mark, and Youngjae celebrating their birthdays in September. With Capricorn leader JB and Taurus BamBam, GOT7 is another group that benefits from extensive earth energy. Often experimenting with a variety of sounds, the group tried on a bright, lively concept for 2015’s “Just Right.” The catchy track is a feel-good, lightweight ride guaranteed to crack some smiles with its sweetness. In the lyrics, the group assures the listener that they are flawless, while the music video takes a more comical approach to the theme. In it, GOT7 become miniature versions of themselves to help a young girl gain self-confidence. As Virgos can be quite critical, this release is a reminder that not everything needs to be fixed, and that we can be just right, right now.

Biggest mood: “No matter how much I take you apart / And look and look at you / I can’t find that part of yourself / That you think isn’t pretty.”

Red Velvet, “Perfect 10”

Red Velvet aims for Virgo excellence in this hypnotizing deep cut from their 2017 album Perfect Velvet. Seduction in the form of sound, the track blends sultry and soft tones with breathy vocals and sighs. Overall, it conveys a longing that is both pleasure and pain; the desperation to improve and the helplessness of uncertainty. This is a sign than can turn themselves into their greatest project, even if they can never be satisfied. While perfection is unattainable, Virgos surely enjoy the challenge, and Red Velvet gets quite close to achieving it.

Biggest mood: “I’ll be your perfect 10, 10, 10 / Be your perfect 10, 10, 10 / Each cut is 10, 10, 10 / When you place me in your arms / No more, no less, perfect.”

Infinite, “Last Romeo”

Infinite and their impressively sharp choreographies go hand in hand with Virgo’s perfectionism. 2014’s “Last Romeo” is another display of precision paired with their characteristic synth-infused, theatrical sounds. In the lyrics, Infinite is resolute in pushing through any obstacle to protect their beloved, and this level of determination is yet another Virgo trait that deserves praise. Although the music video opts for a tragic plot where lights go out, walls shake, and books explode all over the room, Infinite’s determination doesn’t wane and they continue to pursue their love — perhaps because Virgo members Sungyeol and Sungjong can clean up all the mess later?

Biggest mood: “Shine on my path / whether I want it or not / the decision has been made / I will put everything at risk / I will protect you no matter what hardships come / I can’t see anything else but you.”

RM, “Reflection”

How easy it is for Virgos to give, how hard it is for them to receive. One of the most notable exemplars of this dynamic is BTS’s leader, RM. His reassuring, sensible words offer comfort to millions around the world. Through lyrics, speeches, or even brief soundbites, every time he opens his mouth, it's like he’s pulling wisdom out of an infinite well. However, he’s not one to sugarcoat struggles, and “Reflection,” his solo track out of the group’s 2016 album Wings, is a raw example of that. A dark, rippling instrumental plays off RM’s melancholic lower register to set the mood as he contemplates desperately trying to love himself to no avail. The short film for the track plays with the concept of reflection, with RM facing mirrors and self-destructive tendencies, running toward a “wake up call” that is locked from his reach.

Biggest mood: “I find this movie very amusing / Everyday, I want to shoot it well / I want to caress myself / I want to caress myself / But you know, sometimes / I really, really hate myself.”

Amber Liu, “Borders”

Another resourceful Virgo is Amber. While her confident style might give the impression that she’s tough, her solo career reveals vulnerable insides. As natives of this sign are known to be, she is extremely hard on herself, but turns all that self-criticism into fuel for her songs — and advice for her fans. In SM Station’s single “Borders,” Amber sings about breaking away from the pressures of society and fighting for your truth. The music video shows young people struggling with mental health, but ends on a hopeful note, acknowledging that there is “more ahead.” Even though Amber is inclined to believe she deserves the anger and cruelty mentioned in the lyrics, she knows better, and trusts that it’s possible to cross the borders to a better reality using her unwavering Virgo qualities.

Biggest mood: “The anger, the cruelty, I deserve it / And I’d do anything to be what they call perfect / Then maybe I could find a place to call my own and belong.”

Zico, “Veni, Vidi, Vici”

The Latin phrase “veni, vidi, vici” means “I came, I saw, I conquered,” which can sum up many Virgos out there, including Zico himself. Since springing from the underground Korean hip hop scene, he fronted the boy group Block B, worked as a producer for the rap competition show Show Me the Money, and recently established his own label, KOZ (King of the Zungle). In this 2015 release from his first solo EP Gallery, Zico lays out the reasoning behind his success with convincing swagger over a rumbling beat. He brags about being the king of the third generation of Korean hip-hop, but it’s not just hot air, as his claims are backed up by hard work and resilience.

Biggest mood: “If I say I’m gonna do something, I’ll do it for sure / I talk a lot but back it up / I played it smart when they wasted time and talent and did nothing / There’s no postponed plan cause I’m not an actor / Put your phones down and put your hands up.”

Twice, “24/7”

Written by Twice’s Virgo leader Nayeon and Aquarius star Jihyo, “24/7” starts soft and slow like a Sunday morning. Snapping fingers and strings, remind you to get up and face the day, even if your biggest wish is to stay in bed just a little longer. Virgos have an unstoppable mind, sometimes driving them to exhaustion. In the lyrics, Twice express their frustration with an around-the-clock schedule, but ultimately find strength in each other to loosen up and enjoy life before settling into their routines once again.

Biggest mood: “24/7 my phone rings / Every day, bothering me / Don’t worry, hey, hey, hey, hey / Stop caring so much / 24/7 worries float around / Just pop them all / I know it, hey, hey, hey, hey.”

Hui, “For You”

Multitalented Hui is a relatively fresh face in the industry, but his work is everywhere. From his role in boy group Pentagon, to co-composing tracks for multiple artists (including Wanna One’s debut hit “Energetic”), to performing in numerous variety shows, there’s no time to waste for this unstoppable Virgo. For 2018’s music battle show Breakers, Hui composed and performed the track “For You.” While the melody flutters in simple electronic synths, Hui’s soul is the real strength of this track. In lyrics that reflect the struggles of his life as an idol, he provides an emotional performance that moves the entire audience — including bandmates Wooseok, Yuto, and Shinwon, who shed some tears at the end. Hui is open about wanting to give up, but the reminder that others depend on him serves as a motivation. “For you, I’m alright,” he says, echoing the belief of so many supportive Virgos out there.

Biggest mood: “Sometimes I want to / Sleep for 10 hours without worries everyday / From other people’s point of view / I’m longing for freedom / But what can I do? This is me we’re talking about / Gradually my age is increasing / There’s no time to waste.”

Cherry Bullet, “Q&A”

Cherry Bullet’s debut earlier this year brought forward a cute yet quirky concept. Inspired by hi-tech aesthetics with a retro twist, in “Q&A,” the girls play video games as a metaphor for deciphering a puzzling lover — and therefore capturing Virgo’s problem-solving abilities. The lyrics also offer a snapshot of the sign’s quick-witted mind: They know everything, have seen everything, and when they do learn something new, you can be sure they will memorize it. Cherry Bullet are initially bored by the boy’s mundane questions, but they decide to nurture his potential by exploring Virgo’s talent in creating interesting Q&As out of every situation.

Biggest mood: “Even before I ask / I think I already know / Your ideal type / Even your personal tastes / As much as my heart pounds / I’ll ask smart questions / I won’t let you go / You’re like a question.”

Beenzino, “Life in Color”

While Beenzino might not be the most traditional rapper, he has certainly carved a niche of his own. As can be seen in 2016’s “Life in Color,” the skillful Virgo mixes drum and bass with hip-hop beats to embark on the sign’s characteristic need for upgrade — in this case, it’s a fascinating love interest. Beenzino graduated in sculpture at the prestigious Seoul National University — so it’s no wonder his releases are often a pleasure for the eyes. In the music video, among several artistic references, a blank canvas is progressively painted and arranged to fit Beenzino’s vision, in an accurate depiction of how Virgos tend to craft and create every aspect of their lives.

Biggest mood: “If you ride a spaceship / I’ll tune it up for you / You have a super power, you captivated me / I have a lot of color / i’ll color you / i’ll make you colorful / If you need clothes, / Baby, I can style you.”

3Racha, “Runner’s High”

Before Stray Kids debuted, their internal production trio 3Racha was already showcasing impressive skills through their SoundCloud mixtapes. The tempestuous “Runner’s High,” whose title refers to the feeling of euphoria that occurs after running, suggests that 3Racha gets the same high out of rapping and producing their songs. Member Han — a righteous Virgo — has especially poignant verses, revealing the sign’s industrious framework and constant sprints towards their next goals. That kind of investment can be tiring for some, but it’s part of Virgo’s superpowers, and we can all benefit from some of that enthusiasm in the next few weeks.

Biggest mood: “Running hard without insurance / On a path that does not guarantee success / The pressure that carefully felt from my back / I'm wearing a mask again, what / It strikes me harder, in no time I'm running to major's end / Of course it's just my small wish / I still haven't achieved even 0.1% of the million marks to my goal.”