Sarah Hyland Is Looking For A ‘Swirly’ Kind Of Love In This Exclusive 'XOXO' Clip

Prepare to fall in love during America’s biggest EDM festival

Netflix's newest original movie involves a high-profile music festival, millennials who fall in love and get way in over their heads, and a DJ who just wants to make it big. XOXO, which premieres Friday, August 26, is a coming-of-age story about six strangers who have one insanely awesome and unexpected night at XOXO, the largest EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festival in America.

Modern Family's Sarah Hyland leads the cast, co-starring with Lemonade Mouth's Hayley Kiyoko, Graham Phillips, Ian Anthony Dale, Chris D'Elia, and more. In this exclusive clip, Krystal (Hyland) explains to Anders (Dale) she's looking for a soulmate and wants something "more swirly" in a relationship.

"Grab your glitter and come swirl with me!" Hyland told MTV News about the clip. Check it out below.

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