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Justin Theroux's Bachelor Party Was The Opposite Of Raucous

The actor's last act as a single man: talking in whispers while eating steak.

Before Justin Theroux tied the knot with Jennifer Aniston, he celebrated his last days of stag-hood with the most hardcore, epic, sordid bachelor party the western world has ever seen.

Just kidding. In reality, the bachelor party was just a bunch of guys eating steak at one dude's house, and it was all so quiet and tame that it wouldn't wake a baby.

Literally. There was an actual baby present, and it did not wake up.

Theroux was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Thursday (Oct. 15), where he and Jimmy (who hosted this night of non-debauchery) reminisced about all the wild shenanigans they didn't get up to in celebration of Justin's impending nuptials. However, despite the G-rated nature of the party, they did still get to participate in the proud tradition of shaming the one guy (Billy Crudup) who passed out during the festivities, possibly from lack of stimulation.