Rage's De La Rocha Joins Delegation To Aid Zapatista

Rage Against The Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha and other members of an emergency human rights delegation are spending this week in Chiapas, Mexico in an effort to raise awareness about the indigenous rights of the embattled Zapatistas, who are considered villains by the Mexican government.

On Tuesday, Zack's group (as well as a Congressional delegation) planned to visit Zapatista political prisoners and refugee camps. Zack also hopes to meet with community leaders, including a bishop who just resigned as a peace negotiator, citing government harassment.

Zapatista supporters say repression has increased since early June when eight Zapatistas and one police officer were killed in a military clash. According to an advocacy group dubbed the National Commission of Democracy in Mexico, since 1994, some 19,000 refugees have been violently dislocated by paramilitary forces.

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