Snooki's Best Wedding-Prep Moments...Drag Shows And 'Paninis' Included

Before we peep the 'Jersey' gal's spectacular wedding, let's remember how it unfolded.

Nearly two-and-a-half years after getting a ring on it, Nicole Polizzi married her "Jersey Shore" love Jionni LaValle during a gorgeous Gatsby-themed ceremony last fall. We glimpsed a few pics shortly before Christmas (thanks, Santa!), but on next week's "Snooki & JWOWW" series finale — say it ain't so! — we'll score front-row seats to the televised fete.

The Snionni nuptials have been a long time coming, and we don't doubt the soiree was nothing short of perfection. Like any Knot-obsessed bride-to-be, the guidette put in months of preparation in order to ensure her day-of-gettin'-hitched went off without a, well, hitch. Just how, you ask? Let us regale you with our favorite wedding-prep moments a la Snooki as we gear up to watch the adorable pair say their I Do's during next week's finale:

The Gown (Take One)

Snooki kicked off her wedding planning during Season 3 with a trip to the bridal boutique alongside JWOWW and the Gay Joeys. The shopping-excursion-turned-drag-show will forever be one of our fave "S&J" episodes in the history of ever.

The Flowers

Leave it to a man to compare a beautiful flower to a hot-pressed sandwich. When Nicole mentioned adding calla lilies to her bridal bouquet, Jionni brought up the possibility of using peonies. Well, sort of -- he confused the bloom's moniker with that of the word "panini." Naturally, this food faux pas made the pregnant guidette instantly ravenous.

The Gown (Take Two)

Nicole broke a sacred bridal rule when she tried on a wedding dress while carrying around an extra 20 pounds of a wee wittle miracle — talk about riding the fast track to sobsville. Nevertheless, she took her changing body like a champ, merely confessing to feeling like a "pregnant virgin."

The Bridesmaids' Dresses

When Snooki took her bridesmaids dress shopping, she tricked them into thinking she'd been possessed by a psycho grandma from the 1940s. "These dresses don't feel very Gatsby... they feel like prom night dumpster baby," JWOWW admitted. Luckily, Nic had their real, way-cuter dresses on reserve. Whew!

The Anticipation

During her bridal shower, Nicole took time to reflect on her upcoming big day: "I've literally been planning this wedding for two years, and I just can't wait for the day... obviously enjoy it, have the best day of my life, so I can say that Jionni's my husband." So sweet!

Catch the series finale of "Snooki & JWOWW" (featuring THAT WEDDING!) on Wednesday at 10/9c. Now, can anybody loan us an extra box of tissues and some waterproof mascara?