Jennifer Lawrence Doesn't Want To 'Constantly Be A GIF'...In GIFs

We can't help that she's just so darn animated.

Jennifer Lawrence, whom you might know from her work in "The Hunger Games" franchise, the "X-Men" movies, "Silver Linings Playbook," a whole roster of other films or the heart-shaped magazine cutout you have taped to the inside of your locker (don't deny it), is profiled in the newest issue of Marie Claire magazine.

Much like any time the Oscar winner opens her mouth in the presence of a recording device, there were some truly notable quotables. Lawrence opened up about her relationship with "X-Men" co-star Nicholas Hoult, her health, her religious upbringing and more. Most memorable, however, was her admitting to having an internal monologue advising herself, "You don't want to constantly be a GIF."

We know what she means, but, with all apologies to Lawrence, she's just super GIFfable. It's a blessing and a curse, JLaw. So, of course, we couldn't resist giffing our favorite quotes from the article. We can't help it if she has a serious case of rubberface, and we're super into it.

Advice to herself, Part 1: "'You need to calm the f--k down.'"

Advice to herself, Part 2: "'You don't want to constantly be a GIF.'"

On boyfriend Nicholas Hoult: "Looks can go pretty far. Nobody can deny a beautiful face. Fortunately, I have one. Oh, no! I mean my boyfriend! I didn't mean my face! Oh, my God! I meant I'm with somebody who has a beautiful face."

On public opinion: "Honestly, I'm just doing my best. But if people want to start the backlash, I'm the captain of that team. As much as you hate me, I'm 10 steps ahead of you."

On her candid public persona: "I'm not like, 'I'm a rebel; I'm out of control.' I just don't think about things before I say them or do them."

On her Academy Awards tripping incidents: "But trust me, if I was going to plan it, I would have done it at the Golden Globes or the SAGs. I would have never done it at two Oscars in a row. I watch 'Homeland' — I'm craftier than that!"

Check out the rest of the Marie Claire profile online.

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