Dylan Sprouse And Fans Demand More Cole Sprouse On 'Riverdale'

Jughead Jones was hardly in the pilot

In case you missed it, Cole Sprouse made his big return to acting, after taking a break for college, on the Archie comics–based show Riverdale, last night (January 26). He dyed his hair black to play iconic character Jughead Jones, and fans couldn't wait to watch him in action again after growing up with The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck.

However, people were disappointed to learn Sprouse was barely in the pilot, narrating the story and popping up for a short scene at the end of the episode. It seems Sprouse never told his twin bro, Dylan, how little of him the audience would see, because Dylan created a drinking game around his brother and did an Instagram Live during the show. Just look at these rules — No. 4 is definitely the best, IMO.

While most of these rules didn't apply last night, Cole does get more screen time in future episodes. On Twitter, Dylan said he enjoyed the show, but it needed more of his brother. Playfully, he tweeted, "@colesprouse #riverdale #goodshow #but #notenoughCole #bringbackCole #nextweekmorecole," and fans were quick to agree.

Cole was surprised Dylan tuned in last night, tweeting, "Actually shocked @dylansprouse watched Riverdale tonight. Kind of sweet~ 😘." Besides his brother, Cole's Suite Life co-star, Phill Lewis (Mr. Moseby), was eager for the series.

In two separate tweets, he photoshopped himself into the Riverdale poster, because Mr. Moseby sees all. The first post was Lewis telling fans about Cole's new show and how he would be watching. The second, below, was a sheer work of art.