What's The Coolest Thing Lorde Owns? See The Pic

Stop being so cool, Ella.

Further evidence that Lorde and I should be best friends emerged on Instagram this week in the form of a photo of the "coolest thing" the 17-year-old owns. The item in question? That would be David Live, David Bowie's 1974 live album.

Bowie and Lorde have had their share of interactions over the past year -- the iconic musician and Ella hung out with Tilda Swinton at New York's Museum of Modern Art and The Thin White Duke later told the teen she was the future of music. (Sidenote: Still waiting for that letter, Bowie).

I think a collaboration is in order -- both have been teasing new music of late. What do you say? You both have regal nicknames. Think about it... (Also, I can sort of play drums... hit me up.)

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