Here's What Kanye West's 'SWISH' Sounds Like

At least according to Travis Scott.

Many of us are waiting for Kanye West to release SWISH, but a select few have actually heard it. Travis Scott is one of those fortunate people and on Friday (Jun. 26), he spoke with Power 106 about Yeezy's upcoming LP.

"His album is amazing," Scott said. "He's on his producing sh-t. He's on his God-level rapping sh-t. It's that Kanye everybody wants. It's some ultimate sh-t.

"Every time I go to the studio, it's some next level, man," he continued. "I'm excited. It's way beyond what people are thinking. Don't think that, you hearing 'All Day' and that's the vibe of the album. Nah, man. This is some other next level thing he got going."

And yes, Scott - who's worked with West extensively - has a hand in this one, too.

"He's allowing me to help him on certain things," Travis said. "I'm always here if he needs me. So, yeah, we've been working."

In March, Scott told MTV News about the LP too.

“You heard ’All Day?'” he said. “Alright. And that’s not even the hardest joint on there. That’s nowhere near the hardest joint on there. Like, not even, like, close. And that sh-t is hard.”

Scott's own album, Rodeo, is set to be released this year. While he wouldn't reveal an exact date in the interview, he said it would fall before August.

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