Ariana Grande Is Unrecognizable As ‘Annie’ In This Adorable Vintage Vid

See Ari belt out 'Tomorrow,' complete with a curly red wig.

During Ariana Grande’s fun-filled appearance on “The Tonight Show” Tuesday night (Sept. 15), she wowed everyone’s pants off with her glass-shattering Christina Aguilera impression. Of course, everyone already knew the girl can SANG, but it had been a while since we heard her pipes in all their glory, and it was a welcome comeback of sorts for her (the pinnacle of which will happen on Oct. 30, when she releases her new single, “Focus").

Anyway, we couldn’t help but wonder if Ari’s impressive vocal runs had always been that mind-numbingly amazing, but our suspicions were laid to rest thanks to one very special woman: her grandma.

While chatting about her new fragrance collection with host Jimmy Fallon, Ariana said she sent her “Nonna” a package of goodies from the line, including perfume, hair mist and lotion. "She said her whole house smelled like me and she felt like I was there. I don't get to see her enough so that made me really happy,” she gushed. Awww!

That’s when Fallon said HE loves Nonna too, because she happened to send “The Tonight Show” a vintage video of Ariana appearing as the titular character in the musical “Annie.”

“No she didn’t. Did she really?” Ariana asked, stunned. “Oh my god, is this happening right now?”

So what was Ariana’s reaction to being surprised with the throwback clip? “I’m a little better!” she said of how her voice has changed since then. TRUE, girl.

Check out the clip below to see baby Ariana belting her little heart out, outfitted in a red curly wig and an oversized long dress, and accompanied by a dog played by a human. Yep; just your standard grade school musical fare.