Video Premiere: Talib Kweli Featuring Miguel, 'Come Here'

Talib Kweli teams up with Miguel for their visually stunning, animated Come Here" video.

The funny thing about love is that it doesn't always make perfect sense. And in Talib Kweli's gorgeously animated new "Come Here" video featuring Miguel (from the album Prisoner of Conscious), there are definitely a few love-themed plot points that don't add up. Like, for example, how do the ancient Egyptian gods/goddesses Anubis and Isis manage to fall in love through space and time AND have technology like cell phones and cars? (Did we miss this lesson in history class?) But despite the historical inaccuracies, "Come Here" reveals a lushly drawn love story that parallels a scenario that could very easily happen today.

Watch Talib Kweli featuring Miguel's "Come Here" video after the jump.

Directed by Galen Pehrson, "Come Here"'s 6,400 hand-drawn images depict the time-traveling love story of two Egyptian gods. Down to its essence, however, it's about two people who want to be together but have to settle for sending messages on their phones (hmmmm, any chance they met via OKCupid?). Oh, and when we say "messages," we mean hieroglyphics. (Hieroglyphics are the original Emoji, duh.) While Isis is in ancient Egypt, Anubis is in '90s Brooklyn riding around in his drop-top old-school (well, relatively old-school considering who his girlfriend is). And while they might have other people in their lives, Anubis and Isis only care about each other. That's a concept that transcends time.

Talib Kweli's Prisoner of Conscious is out now via EMI.

+ Watch Talib Kweli featuring Miguel's "Come Here" video.

Photo credit: EMI/Capitol

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