Beyoncé Loves Nicole Byer’s Queen Bey Nail Art [Photo]


By Jess Keefe

If there's anything that can bring ladies together, it's sharing in the splendor of a damn good manicure. On Friday, "Girl Code" star Nicole Byer posted a collage of her latest nail art to Instagram, featuring impressively detailed decals of none other than Beyoncé. Each finger's tiny Bey is from a different era in her career (note the Destiny's Child crop top!), and sits on a layer of shimmering gold lacquer -- a background perfectly befitting Queen Bey. “Look close and worship,” Nicole instructed her followers.

Obviously honored by Nicole’s tribute, Beyoncé shared the 'gram to her Facebook page, and the post has since racked up over 80,000 likes. When Nicole got wind of Beyoncé’s repost-of-approval while on the set of MTV Other's “Fast Food Heights,” MTV shared an Instavid of her reaction, and -- like most things Nicole does -- it was basically perfect. A squeaky, arm-pumpy “Yay!” is the only appropriate reaction, as far as we’re concerned. So this all clearly means Nicole and Beyoncé are best friends now, right?

+ Check out Nicole's reaction, and let us know what you think of the whole awesome social media exchange!

Photo: Nicole Byer's Instagram

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