First Rule Of Fight Klub: Do Talk About Remy Martin

Underground battle champ is fielding calls about record deals.

With the absence of Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown from the hip-hop hit parade lately, the door is wide open for a new dangerous female MC to emerge, and the Terror Squad's Remy Martin is hoping it'll be her.

The streets of New York are buzzing about her two consecutive rhyme-fight victories over Lady Luck at the Big Apple battleground known as the Fight Klub, and Rem is banking that the shine she gets on the Terror Squad's True Story, due July 20, will take her over the top.

"We're just flooding it," Remy said about the Squad having the crowd favorite "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" and the recently released "N.Y. State of Mind" on the mixtapes and radio mix shows.

"Every time we do a song, it's like, 'We done? It's mixed? You sure? All right, immediately to the streets.' ['Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,'] that's a real hip-hop back-to-the-essence joint. We was actually in Miami, sipping piña coladas, writing 'N.Y. State of Mind.' It's so New York, it brings you back to Illmatic's 'N.Y. State of Mind.' "

Besides Remy and Joe, the Terror Squad consists of Armageddon, Prospect, Tony Sunshine and the late Big Pun. Remy said some never-before-heard vocals from Punisher will be featured on the album, as will unreleased rhymes from deceased mic great Big L (L, Pun and Fat Joe have a song together). Cam'ron also makes a guest appearance via the aforementioned "N.Y. State of Mind."

"We're doing real good, I'm just ready to do my album now," said Remy, who's finally getting her solo career off the ground after more than three years of collaborating with the Squad. "It's like I have a billboard in the Holland Tunnel that says 'Remy's cell number is ...' I've been getting a lot of phone calls [from people trying to sign me,] but I'm just waiting for this one specific phone call."

A few weeks ago, Remy was hit on the horn by Fight Klub organizers wanting her to get down in a battle with Lady Luck. Remy was victorious in their first encounter, which was a face-off for $2,000 (Remy said she received a little less than that). Their second clash was two weeks ago and saw Remy winning the $20,000 pot after lyrically slugging it out for five rounds.

"If I would've lost, I'm not gonna lie, it would have probably been over for me," she said. "Everybody would probably be talking to Lady Luck now [instead of me]. But it backfired on her. She's probably at home so sick. I still have a few more of her dollars that I'mma spend when I leave here. That's the most fun part, not only winning, but winning money. I'm so spending your money. I love free money. Didn't have to work for it or nothing."

The short version of Remy's birth into the Terror Squad is that Big Pun lived around the corner from her mother. Several years ago, she rhymed for Pun for three hours and he took her under his wing. With Pun no longer around, Joe is making sure his friend's dream to see Remy blow up is fulfilled.

The Terror Squad's first official single from the album is the Scott Storch-produced "Lean Back." They'll shoot a split video for that track and "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" in a few weeks.