8 Disney And Nickelodeon Actors Who Wrote Episodes Of Their Own TV Shows

Time to rewatch all these episodes

Many of your favorite Disney and Nickelodeon stars have flexed several different muscles in the entertainment business over the years. Besides directing episodes of the shows they appeared on, a few actors went on to actually write some episodes of their beloved TV series, too.

Discounting sometimes-actors who helped create their shows — like Dan Schneider — and writers who ended up having either cameos or bit parts — such as Kevin Kopelow (All That) and Jake Farrow (Drake & Josh, iCarly, Victorious) — here are some through-and-through actors who've proudly added "writer" to their résumés.

David Henrie, Wizards of Waverly Place


Wizards of Waverly Place

The episodes: "Alex's Logo," Season 3, Episode 17; "Meet the Werewolves," Season 4, Episode 13

The lowdown: Henrie's first episode focused on Alex (Selena Gomez) winning an award while under her brother's truth spell — and was directed by Henrie's TV dad, David DeLuise. His second Wizards episode had Alex turning herself into a werewolf right before meeting Mason's family of lycanthropes.

Kenan Thompson, Kenan & Kel


Kenan & Kel

The episode: "Who Loves Who-ooh?," Season 3, Episode 21

The lowdown: This Kenan-centric episode finds him chickening out on asking his co-worker Sharla (Alexis Fields) to the dance, then telling everyone he was bringing R&B musician Tamia with him instead. Too bad he didn't actually asked Tamia first.

Will Friedle, Girl Meets World


Girl Meets World

The episode: "Girl Meets Semi-Formal," Season 2, Episode 13

The lowdown: In his episode, Friedle reunited the '90s dream team, Eric Matthews and Jack Hunter (Matthew Lawrence), and audiences learned that Boy Meets World power couple Jack and Rachel (Maitland Ward) didn't talk anymore. Sob.

Danielle Fishel, Girl Meets World


Girl Meets World

The episode: "Girl Meets Her Monster," Season 3, Episode 16

The lowdown: Fishel's script focused on a mother-daughter storyline, exploring what happens when Riley (Rowan Blanchard) would rather watch TV than help out her mom.

Lee Thompson Young, The Famous Jett Jackson


The Famous Jett Jackson

The episode: "Premiere," Season 2, Episode 2

The lowdown: In a case of life imitating art, Young's character, Jett, wrote an episode for his action TV show, Silverstone.

Jim Wise, Even Stevens


Even Stevens

The episode: "Influenza: The Musical," Season 2, Episode 21

The lowdown: While Wise didn't write the famous musical episode's script, he did pen most of the iconic music, including "Sixth Period" and "We Went to the Moon in 1969."

Calum Worthy, Austin & Ally


Austin & Ally

The episode: "Eggs & Extraterrestrials," Season 3, Episode 15

The lowdown: Worthy's story found the squad caught up in a Zaliens Convention, and Austin (Ross Lynch) and Ally (Laura Marano) ended up as the Zaliens' musical prisoners.

Michael Seater, Life with Derek

Family Channel Canada

Life with Derek

The episodes: "Grade A Cheater," Season 3, Episode 11; "Take a Stepkid to Work," Season 4, Episode 9

The lowdown: Seater wrote these later episodes with his brother, Graham. The former explored what happened when Derek swapped tests with stepsister Casey (Ashley Leggat). The latter followed the misadventures Casey and Derek got into when they went with their stepparent to work.

(Note: While Life with Derek wasn't technically made for Disney Channel, it still aired on the network for several years — so, we're counting it.)

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