Virginia Voters Banked Hard On Joe Biden In The Democratic Primary

And voter turnout far surpassed 2016 numbers

Well, the ballots are in: On Tuesday (March 3), former Vice President Joe Biden won the Virginia Democratic primary election, with 53 percent of the vote and 96 percent reporting. He was followed by Sen. Bernie Sanders who earned 23 percent of the vote, Sen. Elizabeth Warren who earned ten percent of the vote, and billionaire and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg who earned nine percent of the vote. Per WTOP, the Virginia Republican Party said it would not hold a primary election this year; President Donald Trump is expected to be endorsed by the state's Republican party at the convention in August.

The state had 99 pledged delegates up for grabs, 39 of which are currently pledged to Biden; Sanders followed with 12 delegates, according to the New York Times. An exit poll from ABC News shows young voters were more likely to cast their vote for Sanders; Black voters were more likely to vote for Biden; moderates decided to go with Bloomberg, and college-educated women tended to vote for Warren. ARL Now reported that Virginia had a higher turnout on Tuesday than the state saw in 2016.

Virginia will hold its primaries for the House of Representatives and Senate on June 9. Currently, Democrat Senator Mark Warner is up for reelection; Tim Kaine is not.

This is a developing story. MTV News will update it as we know more.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to reflect that Senator Mark Warner is a Democrat, not a Republican. 

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