Taylor Swift’s ‘New Romantics’ Video Is A Joyous Love Letter To Her Fans

Revel in the FOMO while waving farewell to the <i>1989</i> era

Taylor Swift’s Grammy-winning 1989 is the album that just won’t die. It’s now spawned seven (!) smash singles, the latest of which is arguably one of Tay’s best: The glittery synth pop anthem “New Romantics.” Though frustratingly left off 1989’s standard edition and relegated to a bonus track, it’s finally received its due praise as the latest Swift single, and now has a euphoric video that’ll keep Swifties too busy dancing to get knocked off their feet.

On Wednesday, Taylor released the “New Romantics” vid as an Apple Music exclusive. Instead of recruiting frequent collaborator Joseph Kahn to helm a cinematic clip -- like she did for “Blank Space,” “Bad Blood,” “Wildest Dreams,” and “Out of the Woods” -- Taylor chose to pay tribute to her fans (much like her “Red” and “Fearless” vids), and celebrate her career-defining 1989 era. The clip is a love letter to fans, using footage from her massive 1989 World Tour. (So, yes, we at MTV News accurately predicted it when we said this vid should be a tour video. Just sayin’.)

“The fans are the best part of this tour,” Taylor says in a voiceover to kick off the vid. “They are the reason the shows are incredible and I know those fans out there are just all in.”

“I don’t want to forget anything that happened on this tour,” she adds. “It’s one of those remarkable moments in time when everything felt exciting. Looking out into an endless ocean of crowd, that was everything. We’re all really sad that it’s ending but we’re really happy because of what it was.”

Check out the full vid on Apple Music, or see a teaser of it below, courtesy of your girl Tay.

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