'Batman Eternal #40' Post-Game: The Villains Unite To Take Down Gotham

Writer Ray Fawkes breaks down all the big events in "Batman Eternal #40."

Each week, MTV News is breaking down the big moments in DC Comics' "Batman Eternal," the weekly series that is redefining Gotham City as we know it.

This week, we talked to writer Ray Fawkes about how the villains are uniting to take down Gotham:

MTV News: So what was The Riddler’s plan, other than, “get caught in an avalanche?”

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Ray Fawkes: That avalanche is a last-ditch panic attack on The Riddler’s part. It was ready in case Batman failed to solve the riddles that led him there properly, or in case the authorities came up the mountain in force. But when the Riddler finds himself getting dragged down the side of the mountain behind the Bat, he freaks out and trips the switch. Better to be caught in the wall of snow than get shown up by his nemesis, right?

MTV: What do you think the line is with the villains between “f--k s--t up,” and “I just want to make money?” Is it literally just Catwoman on one side, or can they move back and forth?

Fawkes: Some of them move back and forth, and some are clearly on one side or another. You see Signalman is just gathering up money in those scenes, for instance, and a few of the other villains seem more into the *stuff* they’re getting than the pure thrill of destruction.

But some of the villains are no less frustrated than the heroes at this point, and nothing lets off steam like the opportunity to wreck some s%*t, right?

MTV: Speaking of which, we’ve seen a lot of back and forth loyalties the past few issues… Are the villains all united now, or are there more mix-em-ups on the way?

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Ray Fawkes: Can you ever really unite these reprobates? I mean, yeah, there are team-ups and bargains being struck - most clearly, there’s the Catwoman - Croc alliance, and the crew Spoiler saw gathered together in her house. But Clayface isn’t exactly going to cooperate with anyone, and the Scarecrow and Joker’s Daughter are straight-up *nuts*. So I’d say they’re temporarily aligned more than united...

MTV: Catwoman pointedly, um, points out that they’re taking orders from a voice. So should we take that this is someone who can smoothly control with just the power of his or her voice?

Fawkes: I will not confirm or deny that statement.

MTV: Vicki Vale certainly proves her fighting prowess this issue, but what’s next for her? Will she be taking over the Gotham Gazette?

Fawkes: It’s possible - but right now I think Vicki has two things on her mind: making sure her respected editor and friend doesn’t die, and getting to the bottom of the masterplan she and Warren have just dug up.

MTV: So Riddler warns he’s being practical not to return to Gotham. How much worse can things get than out of control villains with Batman hardware?

Fawkes: Bad enough to make the Riddler fear for his life. Maybe he knows something… something he’s not telling… hmm...

MTV: Catwoman is starting to track down Spoiler… How crucial is the info Stephanie knows to stopping – or at least finding out – what the master plan is?

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Fawkes: I know Scott and the others have said this in various places, but I’ll say it again here: Besides Batman, Stephanie Brown is the most crucial hero in this story. Without her, the good guys wouldn’t stand a chance. Watch and see.

MTV: And finally we get a hint the kids are not all right. What’s up with the youth of Gotham? We haven’t checked in on them in a while.

Fawkes: Remember the problem Cullen Row had? The one that brought Harper into the Bat family in the first place? Read on, my friends, read on…

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