Miley Cyrus Drops Emotional 'Wrecking Ball' Director's Cut

Video is an unbroken take of close-up of Miley's face.

'Hard Times Of RJ Berger' Stars Tease Season-Two Premiere

'In the opening, you have Miles facing the music with the Max Owens beatdown,' Jareb Duplaise says of tonight's episode.

'Hard Times Of RJ Berger' Stars Rave About Weezer, Paris Hilton Cameos

'Jersey Shore' star Vinny also stops by for new season, which kicks off Thursday at 11 p.m. ET on MTV.

Miley Cyrus, Other Stars Talk Grammys At Pre-Show Bash

Cyrus says she 'can't wait to see' her friend Christina Aguilera perform in the all-star Grammy tribute to Aretha Franklin.

Daryl Hall And John Oates Find New Generation Of Fans

Younger artists like Travis McCoy are introducing the '80s icons to the kids.

'Hills' Star Audrina Patridge Gets The Ax In 'Sorority Row' Trailer

'Terminator Salvation' Set Visit: Sequel Set In Harsh, Post-Apocalyptic World

'You're seeing something you've never seen before,' actor Anton Yelchin says of the film's bleak landscape.

What Do 'Sex And The City' Stars Want From A Sequel? 'Lots More Men'

'You have to tell a good story,' Sarah Jessica Parker insists at film's DVD release party.

'Twilight' Mania Kicks Into Full Gear In NYC With The Release Of 'Breaking Dawn'

Fans kept themselves busy before the midnight release with a podcast panel, concert and Edward vs. Jacob debates.

'Journey' To The Center Of Reykjavik: The Adventure Continues

'Grand Theft Auto IV' Guest Star Ricky Gervais Pokes Fun At The Overweight

The British funnyman explains how he got a gig at the Liberty City Comedy Club.

Attention 'Thor' Casting Director: Vincent D'Onofrio Would Like A Word With You

Heath Ledger Remembered By 'Brokeback,' '10 Things' Casting Directors

'He just had this great quality,' says one casting director; 'Dark Knight' director also raved about actor to MTV News last year.

LaKisha: 'American Idol' Hopeful's Hometown Is Banking On Her

Friends tell how the shy bank teller found her voice.

Open The Pod Bay Doors, Consumers — It's A Very Kubrick Christmas

Suddenly, it seems book publishers can't get enough of the late, great director's legacy.

'Y Tu Mama Tambien' Stars Three Years Later: Same Bond, Different Choices

Real-life friends stay close, though they've taken different career paths.

Behind 'The Motorcycle Diaries': Gael García Bernal On Portraying The Young Che Guevara

Bernal felt 'there was never a point where I really had it,' but critics disagree.

Remakes Of Asian Horror Films Look To Scare Up Big Bucks

Hollywood getting good mileage out of Japanese, Korean imports.

Liv Tyler Slowly Getting Used To Roles Without Pointy Ears

Work in 'Jersey Girl,' 'Lonesome Jim' not at all like 'Rings.'

'Fletch Won' Loses To 'Green Hornet' On Kevin Smith's To-Do List

Director says comic flick will be more serious than his usual fare.