Arrest Warrant Issued For Bill Cosby For Alleged 2004 Sexual Assault

Bill Cosby has been charged with aggravated indecent assault, a second-degree felony.

This Satirical Nativity Scene Was Removed For Being 'Tasteless'

A religious freedom group's nativity display -- featuring the founding fathers -- was taken down after Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas called it "tasteless" and a "juvenile parody."

This New Online Course Wants To Give Women More Orgasms

A new website is out to help the world unlock all the magical, sexy secrets of the female orgasm.

Islamophobia Ruined This British Family's Trip To Disneyland

A British Muslim family's vacation was derailed when they were turned away at the airport terminal -- and local politicians believe Islamophobic rhetoric is to blame.

I'm An Atheist — Here's Why I Still Love Christmas With My Catholic Family

There's an odd feeling at being a former or used-to-be anything. Whenever you think about the way your brain used to work and the spaces you used to take up, it's hard not to feel something. Around Christmas time every year I'd always find myself thinking those same thoughts: This used to mean something to you.

48 Phrases Almost All Men Hear That Actually Hurt Everyone

A new video from the Huffington Post shows men sharing 48 damaging phrases that promote a culture of toxic masculinity.

The 8 Most Horrifying Anti-Drug PSA Creatures That Definitely Scared You Straight

Remember that feeling of rolling in to health class, spotting the TV/VCR set-up and celebrating the fact that you'd be forgoing worksheets for some wholesome, informative screen time? Well, this is nothing like that.

Relive The Past Year In 3 Minutes With MTV News’ Year In Review

From the triumphant wins for visibility, the environment and basic human rights to the somber reminders of violence, suffering and inequality around the world, 2015 was a year that showed us the best and worst humanity has to offer.

Extinction Isn't Just Bad News For The Animal Kingdom -- It's Making Climate Change Worse

Even though the small fruit-eating critters are still spreading the seeds of small trees, losing the magical poop of the larger species means one thing: The environment is in some deep sh-t.

It’s Not Just The Tampon Tax — Being A Woman Is Hella Expensive

A new study finds that, yes, women are paying more for the same stuff as men -- and it totally adds up.

2015 Was The Year Celebrities Destroyed B.S. Questions

Here's just a few of the praise-worthy times celebrities (especially the ladies) shut down offensive, sexist questions from the media.

A Disturbing Number Of Voters Support Bombing Aladdin’s (Fictional) Hometown

Any person willing to bomb a country that they (obviously) can't find on a map is one too many.

Who Were The Social Justice Winners And Losers Of 2015?

2015 had some iconic moments for the social justice world -- some great and some not-so-great. We compiled the best and worst of the last 12 months.

A Christian College Professor Was Suspended After Wearing A Hijab In Solidarity With Muslims

Wheaton College in Illinois suspended a popular professor this week after wearing a hijab to practice "embodied solidarity" with Muslim women.

Meet The Trailblazing Black Trans Model Who Got Her Start On A Box Of Hair Dye

Tracy 'Africa' Norman, 63, was profiled in New York Magazine's The Cut where she talked about her career as a high fashion model, how she scored exclusive contracts with Avon and Clairol (a huge deal for models of color, especially at the time) and how she kept a huge part of her identity -- that she was a transgender woman -- a secret.

The First Trial Of Police Officers Charged In Freddie Gray's Death Has A Deadlocked Jury

The jury is still out in the first trial of a Baltimore police officer charged in the April 2015 death of Freddie Gray after reporting that they were deadlocked late Tuesday (Dec. 15) afternoon.

Watch A Daughter Explain The Heartbreaking Reality Of Sexism And Violence To Her Dad

In a new video called #DearDaddy, a father hears the painful story of how sexism and violence plays a role in his still-unborn daughter's life.

Could Will Smith Become The Fresh Prince Of D.C.?

Will Smith explained that "crazy" talk about "walls and muslims" might be enough to make him run for POTUS. Smith 2016?

NASA Dropped Some Tips To Make Death Stars Way More Cost-Effective

NASA's leading asteroid expert says that there's totally a way to build a better death star.

The Story Of This Women’s Festival Reveals The Sad Reality Of Transphobia In Feminist Circles

An Australian women's festival has become the center of controversy after releasing statements about whether trans women would be included in their event.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Tells Syrian Refugees ‘You Are Home'

Justin Trudeau made a profound and moving statement as he welcomed the first Syrian refugees into Canada.

Harrison Ford Totally Dissed Donald Trump, Despite His ‘Air Force One’ Praise  

Harrison Ford didn't mince words when he heard Donald Trump praising the patriotism of "Air Force One."

Activists Projected Endangered Species On The Walls Of The Vatican — Check Out The Pics

A team of activists (including the filmmakers behind "Racing Extinction") teamed up with the Vatican for a beautiful light show that demonstrated the heartbreaking reality of extinction -- that is, if humans don't intervene.

This Presidential Erotica Is Not Something You Asked For, But Here It Is

The publisher of the "Presidential Passion" erotica series (yes, that's erotica starring presidential candidates) told MTV News why they've created this kind of project and what it all means to make sex political and politics sexy.