A Woman Tried To Return A Coat And The Company’s Response Was Suprisingly Heartwarming

When one woman tried to return a coat to online retailer Zulily, she was pleasantly surprised to find out about their return policy.

You Can Send Your Friends The Gift Of Orgasms With 'Vibe It Forward'

The team behind Unbound box (basically Birchbox for sex toys) wants you and all your friends to love yourselves and end the pervasive stigma around female masturbation.

Watch: Oregon Militia Man's Impassioned Plea For People To Stop Sending Him Dildos

People have been sending the group sex toys, phallic gummies and glitter bombs.

'Making A Murderer' Subject Just Filed An Appeal For His Murder Conviction

In the latest development of the now infamous case chronicled in Netflix's documentary series "Making A Murderer," Steven Avery has filed documents with the Wisconsin Court of Appeals to appeal his murder conviction.

Town Literally Called Whitesboro Has Voted To Keep Its Racist Town Seal 

The town of Whitesboro, New York has (informally) voted to keep the town seal design that many have found offensive and racist.

NASA’s Newest Office Is Straight Out Of A Science Fiction Movie

NASA's Planetary Defense Coordination Office sounds like something out of a "War of The Worlds" reboot, but it actually supplies the framework for some real world solutions.

The Latest Word Of The Year Is A Win For Gender Neutrality

The American Dialect Society has voted and their 2015 Word of The Year is the singular pronoun "They." Here's what that means for gender neutral and gender non-conforming activists everywhere.

India’s First Transgender Band Just Dropped An Amazing Pharrell Cover

An Indian band comprised of six transgender women just released its first music video.

Obama Can’t Do Anything To Pardon The ‘Making A Murderer’ Subject

A response from the White House to a petition to free the subjects of the Netflix documentary series "Making A Murderer" revealed some bad news for the petitioners: The president can't pardon Steven Avery or Brendan Dassey.

Google Translate Thought Russia Was Mordor For A Hot Sec

For a brief glorious moment, the world's international politics and "Lord of The Rings" nerds were #blessed with one technological glitch to rule them all: The phrase "Russian Federation" became "Mordor" due to a glitch in Google Translate's Ukrainian to Russian tool.

Forget Everything You’ve Ever Heard About Period Sex

An OBGYN explains some of the bloody magical stuff that happens in your body when you have sex on your period and gives some tips for saying safe.

Watch Undocumented Americans Read And Mock Mean, Xenophobic Tweets

The folks at Define American have compiled a hilarious panel of young people who are "Undocumented and Unafraid" to read what the haters have been saying and, finally, clap back.

Scientists Just Found A Nursery Full Of Li'l Baby Shark Pups

Scientists discovered a secret nursery ground of baby sand tiger sharks off the coast of Long Island -- here's why they are stoked about it.

Yes, You Can Have Period Sex — And Other Pressing Facts About Periods

The ladies at College Humor created a gentle, totally not-at-all scary video called "Periods Aren't That Gross" to clear debunk some of the most common menstruation myths for the uninitiated.

President Obama's Executive Action On Gun Control Isn't An Overreach

Executive orders and actions aren't rare, scary political moments that threaten to push us into dystopian YA novel levels of government control.

Ben Carson’s New Campaign Chairman: 'Men Can Do Certain Things Better'

Ben Carson's new campaign manager kicks off 2016 with a regressive approach to a diverse, inclusive military.

4 New Elements Have Been Added To The Periodic Table -- Which You Totally Memorized, Right?

The periodic table's seventh period has finally been completed with the discovery of elements 113, 115, 117 and 118.

‘Steven Universe’ Fans Are Fighting Bogus Homophobic Censorship

Fans of Cartoon Network's hit show "Steven Universe" are circulating a petition to stop censorship of a scene that has widely been interpreted as a stand-out moment for LGBT characters.

See The Entire Universe In One Breathtaking Image

Even if the names of cosmic bodies mean nothing to you, the sheer vastness of the universe at your fingertips is still enough to leave you starstruck -- literally.

Watch Obama And Seinfeld Talk About How They Miss Being Normal Dudes Sometimes

In the premiere of season seven of Jerry Seinfeld's "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee," President Obama talks fame, foreign policy and how he really wishes he could curse and go to the grocery store.

Scientists Say The Robots Of The Future Are Going To Be Friendly And 'Chatty'

Scientists out of Singapore have created a robot receptionist who can hold conversations.

After Protests, Chicago's Mayor Announces Changes To Policing

Following countless protests against police violence, Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago has announced some changes to the police department's policy. But, will it fix the problem?

The Media's Worst Islamophobic Moments From 2015 Will Make You Want To Change The Channel Forever

Media Matters For America's supercut of Islamophobic moments in mainstream media is a much-needed wake-up call for 2016.

Watch This Poet Drop Some Real And Raw Advice To Teen Girls Everywhere

Slam Poet Melissa Newman-Evans has some words of wisdom for young women everywhere.