Katy Perry & Rihanna Reignite Their BFF Love At The Clurrb

Katy Perry and Rihanna are back to being besties! The two divas hung out at New York City's 1 Oak nightclub, so we're OBVIOUSLY blasting the "Golden Girls" theme song right now.

BRB, Disappearing Into Niall Horan's Spin-Class Selfie Forever

Niall Horan of One Direction shared a photo on Instagram from his spin class, and OMFG YOU CAN SEE HIS BUTT IN THE MIRROR!!!! #NoShame

Justin Bieber, That Giant Brown Hat Looks Mighty Familiar!

Did Pharrell lend Justin Bieber his notorious Grammys hat? The "Confident" singer's rocking some major millinery in these Instagram photos from Japan.

Taylor Swift's Totally The 'Mom Friend' Of Her Celebrity BFFs

Taylor Swift and "Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland spent the night out in New York City, and guess which one played "the mother" and which one played "the rebellious teen"?

Fergie Casually Reminds Us She's Still No. 1 At LAX

Let this photo of Black Eyed Peas' frontwoman Fergie throwing up an "I'm No. 1" finger at LAX Airport serve as a global 411 that the Duchess is more Fergalicious than ever.

Katy Perry Dropped Her Surreal 'Birthday' Teaser & We Sped Up Her Aging Process With 1 Glorious GIF

Here's Katy Perry's journey from hot, "Waking Up In Vegas" showgirl to washed-up, "Birthday" video teaser has-been -- in one epic GIF!

Taylor Swift Hunted Easter Eggs On A Beach 'Cause Her Life's Just Better

Today in #IWantToGoToThere, Taylor Swift shared an Instagram photo from her Easter Sunday, which she spent egg-hunting on some tropical beach somewhere.

Who Wants To Play 'Find Selena Gomez's Smize'?

Selena Gomez shared a dark, pensive photo on Instagram, but have no fear -- we have located the "Slow Down" singer's smize.

Win The Best Experience Of Your Life With Fall Out Boy, Paramore & New Politics' MTV Ultimate Fan Experience

Enter now to win MTV's Ultimate Fan Experience sweeps SO YOU CAN HANG OUT AND PERFORM with Fall Out Boy, Paramore, and New Politics on the "Monumentour"!

Rihanna's 4/20 Celebration: Pasties, Sunsets, Selfies & Love

Rihanna and her bestie Melissa Forde celebrated 4/20 with an epic series of "Thelma & Louise"-style Instagram photos -- minus all the violence and SADZ!

You Know You Can Stream Future's 'Honest' Album For Free, Right?

No lies detected! You can stream the majority of Future's new album, "Honest," on his MTV Artist page right now before it officially drops on Apr. 22.

What Chipmunk Cheeks? All We See Is Lady Gaga's Flawlessness In Dental Surgery Selfie

Lady Gaga showed off her alleged "chipmunk cheeks" in a Twitter selfie after getting her wisdom teeth removed, but, um, all we see is gorgeous.

Miley Cyrus FaceTimed With Her Dog, Who Can Apparently Use An iPhone

Pardon us while we take a moment to consider the fact that Miley Cyrus' dog, Mary Jane, not only knows how to FaceTime, but she also has her own iPhone. WE NEED A MINUTE!

TMI, But Our Fave Part Of Jared Leto's Insane Outfit Is...

Jared Leto rocked a Hawaiian shirt, Thai boxing shorts, and some space leggings on Instagram. Not bad, but there's one important element that NO ONE'S TALKING ABOUT HERE.

Austin Mahone Is Shirtless In The Rain, And THIS IS NOT A DRILL

Get thee to a fainting couch, Mahomies! Austin Mahone shared a photo of him playing ball shirtless in the rain, but don't panic! We'll get through this.

Justin Bieber & Craig Robinson: 3 Highly Plausible Reasons Why They Hung Out

Justin Bieber posted an Instagram photo of him hanging out with actor Craig Robinson, aka Darryl Philbin from "The Office," and we think we know why.

Kesha's Selfie Caption Is, Like, Our New Mantra

Namaste, Animals. Come practice a new form of Kesha-inspired meditation with us that's based on the "Timber" singer's selfie caption: "#truth #freedom #rainbows."

Why Won't You RSVP To OUR Bridal Shower, Taylor Swift?!

It's fine. We're fine. Taylor Swift attended fan Gena Gabrielle's bridal shower, and we're SO HAPPY for them both. Did we mention we're fine?!?!

Selena, Kylie & Kendall? Um, Can We Join Your Coachella Girl Gang?

Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, and Kendall Jenner ruled the shcool, er, Coachella Music Festival, and we want in on their modern-day Pink Ladies circle!!!!

Watch Katy Perry Arm-Wrestle MTV Movie Awards Host Conan O'Brien Into Submission

Did you see Katy Perry dominate 2014 MTV Movie Awards host Conan O'Brien at arm-wrestling? We preserved the moment with GIFs, for posterity's sake.

The Jared Leto Sunset Selfie Shirt You Never Knew You Needed

Here, have a shirt that mixes Jared Leto's sunset selfie from Thailand with one of those wolf tees you'd find in the Albuquerque airport in the '90s. You're welcome, and GOOD NIGHT.

Britney Spears Shares #FBF Photo With Spearitually Blessed Siblings

To celebrate National Siblings Day, Britney Spears shared a photo of her with her beyond-adorable sister, Jamie Lynn, and smoking-hot brother, Bryan. Can we get those digits??

Don't Miley Cyrus' Topless #FBF Haircut Photos Remind You Of A Simpler Time?

Ah, remember when Miley Cyrus had long brown hair? Check out Flashback Friday photos of the "Adore You" singer's topless, pre-twerk haircut.

Ariana Grande Posed Seductively On A Motorcycle With A Lollipop & YOU'RE WELCOME!

Is that miss Ariana Grande posing seductively atop a motorcycle with a lollipop in her mouth in these Instagram photos? Gah, she's the cutest.