MTV Twitter Roundup: Tyler Posey And Colton Haynes Trade...Faces

Check out what MTV's best and brightest had to say on Twitter this week!

Pickles? Psha! Snooki's Got Her Own Signature Sandwich!

Snooki debuts signature sandwich at Earl of Sandwich in Showboat Atlantic City.

Matt Reveals Himself As The Kanima's Master [Sneak Peek]

Matt reveals that he's the Kanima's master in this all-new sneak peek of "Teen Wolf."

Jenna Or Tamara: Who Had The Crappier Valentine's Day?

Both Jenna and Tamara had crappy Valentine's Days. Take the "Awkward" poll and tell us which one was worse.

JWOWW: Why I Used To Lie [Video]

Jenni opens up about why she used to lie to her boyfriend, Roger.

Farrah's Mom Launches A Full Investigation Of 'Daniel From Texas' [Bonus Scene]

In this bonus scene from "Teen Mom," Farrah talks to her mom about her first encounter with new friend & crush Daniel.

Snooki Takes Her Baby Out To His First Ball Game [Photos]

Snooki and Jionni attended a Mets game earlier this week.

Brandon Looks Back On His 'Real World' Breakdown [Video]

After Brandon's date, Alyssa, stood him up, he got really drunk and angry. Hear him explain what led to his behavior in our "Real World" after show.

Johnny Bananas' 'Challenge' Cronies Wish Him A Semi Happy 30th Birthday [Video]

The "Challenge" veterans sound off on their buddy, Johnny Bananas, turning 30.

Swift Is Only Moderately Amused By His Housemates' Sea Urchin Prank [Bonus Scene]

Laura, LaToya and Marie continue the prank war with the boys by putting a sea urchin in Swift's tub.

Butch Lands Back In Jail After Getting Violent On 'Teen Mom' [Sneak Peek]

In this sneak peek of "Teen Mom," Tyler learns that his dad landed himself back in jail after a violent reunion with Catelynn's mom

'Teen Mom' Poll: Is Daniel A Good Match For Farrah?

Farrah started dating a new guy named Daniel, are they a good match? Take the "Teen Mom" poll.

This 'Teen Wolf' Superfan Won A Walk-On Role! [Video]

Go behind the scenes to check out contest winner Shantal Rhodes's walk-on role in the upcoming episode of 'Teen Wolf.'

V-Day Reminds Jenna Of The Guy Who Took Her V-Card [Sneak Peek]

In this sneak peek of "Awkward," Jenna and Tamara have major anxiety over Valentine's Day.

Watch The Trailer For MTV's Iconic 'House Of Style' Documentary

Take a sneak peek at the upcoming "House of Style" documentary, premiering August 7

'Teen Wolf' Poll: Should Allison Keep Her Distance From Matt?

Is Matt a total creep or just a harmless weirdo? Take the "Teen Wolf" poll and let us know if Allison needs to stay away from him.

Pigs Have Flown! Mike 'The Situation' Has A Girlfriend

Mike "The Situation" admits that he has a girlfriend on "Live! With Kelly."

It Ain't A 'Snooki & JWOWW' Party Without Full-Body Contact [Bonus Scene]

In this bonus scene from "Snooki & JWOWW," The Joeys have a showdown wrestling match.

'Awkward.' Poll: Can Jenna And Matty Ever Be 'Just Friends?'

Can Jenna and Matty of "Awkward" ever be just friends, or will their old feelings get in the way? Take the poll!

JWOWW Provides Good Reason For Her Poor Table Manners [Video]

During tonight's episode of "Snooki & JWOWW," Nicole was disappointed in Jenni's behavior at dinner. In these video clips, Jenni explains why she didn't seem supportive of her friend.

Amber's Therapist Suggests Boxing To Help Free Her Mind [Bonus Scene]

In this bonus scene from "Teen Mom," Amber and her therapist discuss her intense trust issues, and how anger serves as a defense mechanism.

Snooki And Newt Gingrich Share A Respectable Fist-Bump

Snooki and Newt Gingrich meet on "The Tonight Show."

Snooki & JWOWW's Housewarming Party Features Apps And Ass-Tanning [Sneak Peek]

In this sneak peek of "Snooki & JWOWW," Jenni spray tans her friend Joey at her housewarming party.

'Real World' Poll: Should Swift Accept LaToya's Apology?

Should Swift accept LaToya's apology for the sea urchin incident? Take the "Real World" poll.